Worst pieces of wedding planning advice you should avoid

October 17, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

There are lots of wedding planning advice out there that are amazingly well thought of. However, not every single piece of wedding planning advice you seek is good.

What do we mean?

Well, there is some wedding planning advice out there that are not really suitable for everyone to follow. Different countries have a different culture which leads to different wedding etiquette. If you follow blindly on the wedding planning advice shared online, it will most likely turn into the worst wedding disaster. 

Chinese Malaysian's wedding is more of the fusion of the traditional Chinese and the modern Western culture. While we have merged tea ceremony and dinner reception wedding together, each session has its own planning rules and etiquette to follow.  

So for Malaysian couples, what bad wedding advice should you avoid when planning a wedding in Malaysia? Here are some of the worst wedding planning advice that we will be sharing with you. 

1. Singing your vows

Singing (or serenade) your vows to your partner may sound romantic and Disney-musical-like, but it is definitely one of the worst wedding ideas in Malaysia's wedding. Unless you are confident enough that your singing is good enough and your wedding guests will enjoy it.

You can give your wedding vows a little twist if you still want to sing out your wedding speech. Perhaps, combining some soft piano melody and make it more of a performance like how Daniel Buccheri did with his Best Man's speech, which went viral on the internet. That way, it will make the moments even more special than it already is. 

2. Catering costs

One of the worst wedding planning advice would be to cut down the cost of the caterer. Instead, work with your caterer a plan on the dishes to be served to your lovely guests. Always keep in mind that the wedding dinner is one of the most memorable parts of the dinner reception for your guests and relatives. You wouldn’t want them to remember your wedding as the wedding that served lousy food, would you?

Of course, we are not asking you to splurge and entrap yourself in the whirlpool of luxurious Chinese Malaysian wedding feast choices like abalone or shark fin soups. Unless you have high wedding budgets to splurge on, or else you should find these budget wedding tips useful!

3. BYOB reception

BYOB reception, meaning Bring Your Own Booze or Bring Your Own Bottle reception. Isn’t this one of the best ways to cut costs? It may work out fine in the western countries, but it may not apply well if you are having Malaysia wedding.

Most Chinese wedding cultures believe your guests are here to pay their blessings and to celebrate. As the host, you must be able to serve them and provide them food and refreshments. So don’t let your guests bring their own food or even pay for it!

4. Randomised Seating

Some brides and grooms think that randomizing the seating of their guests is a good idea.

Well, in most cases it’s not.

Couples usually do this with the intention of having their guests getting to know people out of their circle. However, not everyone is as friendly or as open-minded to mingle around during the wedding dinner reception.

Other than that, people who are rather slow in warming up to strangers will have the entire night of awkward moments with the rest while enjoying the wedding dishes. To avoid disastrous wedding planning, it is wise to arrange guest seatings according to their interests or mutual social circle. 

5. All about you

We’re pretty sure that you have heard someone say something like “It’s your wedding day, everything should be about you!”. Well, although your main focus should be on you and your partner, you shouldn’t neglect others. Don’t forget that a successful wedding also depends on your guests. How are you going to please your guests if you are only thinking about yourself? 

6. Printed Thank-you notes

Although it is so much more convenient and time-saving, it might not be the best way to express your gratefulness to your guests and relatives. A handwritten thank you note would be much more time consuming and at times hard to think of the right words to write, but it’ll definitely make your guests and relatives who read it feel appreciated.

So, why not just take some extra time off to think about it or better yet, start doing it a few weeks before your wedding. If time is not on your side, you can get your bridesmaids to even help you out on this!

7. Wedding planners are a waste of money

Some couples are capable of planning their own weddings, some are not. A common misconception is that hiring a wedding planner is a waste of money as they charge so high. Wedding planner actually helps you to save money and keep things within your budget.

Besides that, some couples have different daily chores that keep them busy. If you don’t have the time to plan your own wedding, a wedding planner is definitely a great choice. By hiring a good wedding coordinator, you will have more time for yourselves and stress-free about the vendors as the wedding planner will have that sorted out. 

8. Wedding Loan

If you’re low on cash, never ever turn to a loan, what more when planning a wedding? Nothing good ever came out of a loan. Besides, you wouldn’t want to start your marriage on cash that isn’t yours.

Instead of going for a loan, plan a wedding that you are able to afford. That way, you can have your marriage worry-free. If your wedding budgets are tight, try to go for a more down-to-earth wedding theme and style that are both easy-going and affordable. 

Keep in mind that not every single piece of advice you receive is good and applicable for Malaysia wedding. We are not saying that there aren’t any good ones out there.

However, do consider double checking these bad wedding planning advice and ideas before jumping straight into planning. You will be surprised how many couples actually went and do the things that they are supposed to avoid.