Wedding Etiquette: The Dos & Don'ts

October 10, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

Planning a wedding is not as simple and easy as it seems. There are more than just keep things under budgets, deciding wedding theme & colour or getting the perfect wedding dress. In the working field we have professional working etiquette and unspoken rules to follow, so are weddings. Weddings are one of the big celebrations that are supposed to be gracious and joyful.

Here are some helpful wedding etiquette tips, especially for brides and grooms, to consider if you want to have a peaceful and comfortable wedding for everyone, including the guests.

DO: Inform your family & closest friends first

Always remember to share your big news with your inner circle first before going around posting on social media networks about your big day. Some relatives, especially the elderly, might find it disrespectful and rude if they aren’t one of the first few people to know about it. So, it is almost your top priority to inform your parents and parents-in-law first. After all, it’s only common social etiquette to tell your closest and most intimate family members before announcing to the public.

You can then start spreading your good news to friends outside your inner circle once you’re done telling your relatives and close friends. Sending wedding invitation is also one of the crucial wedding planning etiquettes to take note of. If you are able to, try giving out wedding invitations personally. However, if you aren’t able to send the invitation by yourself, make sure you let that particular person know the reason why you aren’t able to do so.

DON’T: Keep the guests waiting

There’s no “fashionably late” as being late is one of the top socially unwritten rules that everyone should be aware of. Remember that no one likes waiting so don’t make your guests wait too long for the wedding ceremony and dinner reception. One of the biggest problems about weddings is the waiting time. Nobody likes to be there early or on time but having to wait hours before moving on to the next part of the wedding.

However, if you do really have to wait for all guests, make sure that the refreshments are constantly replenished. Some brides and grooms try to keep things interesting while waiting for the other guests by organising a cocktail party before starting the wedding reception dinner.

Other couples can perhaps try to entertain your waiting guests by having something for them to do, either hire a live band playing or get a photo booth for the guests to leave lovely memories. Majority of the guests won’t mind waiting as long as they have someone to talk to or they have things to do. Therefore, if you have the time, why not go around and mingle around with your guests? You will be surprised how many of your guests will be delighted to have you talked to them!

DO: Seat guests who share common interests

The arrangement of guests list in seating during weddings are one of the most important weddings planning etiquette. During some weddings, brides and grooms tend to separate the singles and married guests while sorting seatings. The tips in arrange guests seatings are by sorting them based on their common interests or mutual connections instead of their marital status. That way, your guests will be able to mingle with people more comfortable at their table.

Of course, you can’t please everyone in the guest seatings. Try your best to arrange your guests and relatives in tables where you feel they will fit in. Make arrangements with your receptionist to try to move people to seats they want if they were to make the request. If you are daring and bold enough, perhaps you can put free-sitting into consideration.

However, this is one of the risky ways in sorting guests seatings. Although this might work for some and not for others, you can ensure that most of your beloved guests will be seated in a place where they want to be, given if they reach early or on time.

DON’T: Make the guests pay

One of the constantly asked questions in wedding etiquettes is who pays for what. As the host, it is common that your guests are not supposed to pay anything except for their blessed wedding gifts for the bride & groom. Either having a photo booth station or refreshments served, the guests are supposed to enjoy themselves without needing to pay for anything extra or additional.

If having all these entertainments might cost you, there are many other ways you can actually save money from this. One of the budget wedding tips would be to bring your own alcohol. Of course, make sure that your venue is cool with that before bringing in your own alcohol.

DO: Remember your wedding vendors

Lastly, many couples tend to forget about their wedding vendors. Don’t forget to feed your wedding vendors as they keep your guests fed with a full belly or entertained the entire day and night. This includes your wedding planner/coordinator, photographer, cinematographer, and DJ/band, with their assistants. As part of the wedding etiquette rules, the bride and groom should try to include the vendors’ meals into the wedding budget to ensure they have the energy to continue for the rest of the wedding ceremony and dinner reception.

Although it is not a necessity to offer your vendors food, it is a common courtesy. Other than that, remember to pay your vendors! Some vendors require you to pay on the spot where some require you to pay after your wedding is over. Either way, it’s best not to make them wait for your payment.

Wedding etiquette is a necessity in every wedding as it is more of common manners. Without it, the wedding won’t be as successful as it is. Depending on the background of how societies are raised, there will be different levels of wedding etiquette coming from individuals.

There are some factors that affect wedding etiquette when it comes to the wedding venue, tradition, and the guests who are attending the wedding. Since everyone is different, their interpretation of wedding etiquette rules is different too. The most important thing is to keep the guests entertained and make sure everyone is having a good time during your lovely wedding.