Wedding Day Checklist

July 18, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

After the romantic proposal and the decision in spending the rest of your life together, you have come to another highlight of the moments before the wedding - planning your own wedding. How exactly does one plan for their own wedding? Is it going to be hard? Is it going to be very time-consuming? Let us guide you step-by-step in the complete and detailed wedding planning procedure. Or you can check out our free printable wedding checklist.

1. Knowing your budget

According to research, the average cost of a wedding is approximately RM67,000 in Malaysia. The budget includes items ranging from wedding necessity like the location, wedding dress, rings to luxury items like a live band for the wedding night. The pricing might also vary depending on your wedding theme.

One of the common myth is that hiring a wedding planner will be expensive. Based on our past experience, having a wedding planner actually is a plus point to your wedding. Different wedding planners may offer different prices according to the professional service they provide. So compare as many wedding planners as possible to get a rough idea on what is the estimated cost for your wedding.

2. Find the perfect venue

Venue is one the major element in making a wedding perfect. Remember to always take your time looking for the perfect venue if you wish to have a wedding that will bring out the best ambience on your actual wedding day. Plus, your wedding is going to be remembered for the rest of your life. A perfect venue will not only cater a perfect memory for you, your guests will be enjoying as much as you do too. So, make sure you choose the perfect location that both you and your fiance really like and adore.

3. Choose the Wedding Rings

Wedding rings, the trademark and symbol that confess your love and style to the public. Inside this little pair of jewel, you can see the yourself reflects onto it. Your style of loving, your personal interest, it says it all. As wedding rings are something very private yet connected, you have to make sure that the wedding rings you and your loved ones picked are the favourite for both of you. It is the one-time bling which is going to last a lifetime.

4. The very much important Guest List

One of the crucial things to tick off in the wedding day checklist, plan out who do you want to invite to your actual wedding day. Throughout your young age till school life and up till adulthood, there are so many old friends or acquaintances, college mates or colleagues. Besides your must invite guest list like your best buddies and close friends, who else do you want to be there for you on the one of the biggest moment in your life? There is a saying, “The more the merrier” but also more costly. However, there are still ways to minimise the wedding budget and still being able to Invite as many people as possible to witness the once in your lifetime event!

5. Picking the one & only wedding dress

All brides have come down to this fantastic and dreamy moment - Picking and trying out your favourite wedding dress. It occurs to almost every little girl and ladies’ to think and decide which wedding gown to wear during the grand entrance. Should I try the vintage and classic ivory white wedding gown? Or should I pick the modern and sleek sheer wedding gown? There may be too many choices but who doesn’t love to be dressed up for perfection? It is never wrong to try out until finalising the one wedding dress that you really love and adore. After all, all brides want to look their best on their big day.

6. Hire a wedding photographer

After going through the wedding day checklist with venue picked, guest list planned and wedding dress chose, you are down to picking a wedding photographer. Wedding photographer is important simply because you have our your heart and soul out to plan your gorgeous wedding for a lifetime memory, you will definitely want to remember those moments years down the road, don’t you? Well, what better way to remember than through pictures?

A good wedding photographer may capture all your stunning decors down to the stunning details with professional photography skill and excellent instruction on to how to let you to not be camera shy. It is so important into emphasizing the importance of picking the right wedding photographer. Not only will they will take note of everything that occurs on the wedding day, professional wedding photographers will be prepared for the sudden situations. Wedding is a once in a lifetime and the moments will only happen on that very day. You will not want to pick out the bad wedding photographer and have your effort and eternal wedding memories go to waste.

These are just some of the many wedding checklist preparations that you can take into consideration. Take a look at our printable free wedding cheatsheets for a more detailed and simple wedding cheat-sheet! Always remember that planning or even being a part of a wedding planning process is stressful yet fun. If everything are getting out of places or you are too pre-occupied to take things into own hand, you might want to consider hiring a wedding planner. After all, it is their job to coordinate and help you achieve your dream wedding.