Top Trending Wedding Props Ideas in Malaysia

June  27, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

Wedding props ideas that are trendy and extraordinary are hard to come by. When they do, they tend to leave us in a daze. Before hunting for the perfect wedding decorations for your wedding, you will first need to determine the colour, theme and style of your wedding. Have a look at our easy visual infographic on the top 5 trending wedding props in Malaysia!

Since couples are becoming more and more creative with their wedding decorations to have a unique and unforgettable feel, it is sometimes hard to think of something that will make your wedding decorations stand out. With a little own personal creativity and some wedding inspirations, you can make your wedding decorations stand out from others.

That being said, here are the top 5 trending wedding decorations in Malaysia up to date:

1. Flower Petals

Flower Petals is and always has been a very beautiful piece of prop to have in a wedding. Flower Petals comes in many variants and definitely brings more than just colours into the wedding. This wedding prop is so versatile that it appears in almost every aspect of the wedding. One of the more than cliche yet classic way is to sprinkle some rose flower petals on the entrance before the bride and groom walk in to establish the cheery and romantic ambience. 

2. Photo Booth/Picture Frame Prop

Not only being widely loved by many Malaysian, picture frame prop stays one of the global's favourite wedding props. Picture frame prop climbs up the wedding props ideas fame with its easy-to-customised and personalised touch into a DIY selfie fame.

Many love the visual appearance of having a 3D real-life effect using an oversized picture frame. There are many online tutorials regarding on how you can easily do one of these according to your own preferences. Picture frame prop can also be seen used in other special occasions like birthday parties and even baby shower. 

The photo booth is another wedding prop ideas that everyone kills for. With the wide variety of DIY photo booth props and gadgets, it attracts guests from all age groups. It gives people a time to let down their tension and loosen up a little by being cheeky and silly in front of the camera. Many use printable props to add a little magic and enhance the fun in the photo booth.

3. Custom-made Backdrop

Standing alone or being fused with the photo booth, backdrop always plays a major role in making your wedding a little more special and personal. There are tons of backdrop ideas ranging from movie themes to a more down-to-earth DIY backdrop for the wedding. Some even use beautifully crafted antiques to create a vintage real-wedding. 

4. Balloons

Balloons are a very popular wedding prop for every special and festive occasion. No doubt it has made our wedding props ideas' list. Besides having more colours you can count, different colours of balloons can bring out a whole new different visual experience.

If you want to go for a rosier pastel wedding theme, baby pink or blue balloons will definitely be your best choice. If you prefer a slightly vibrant and mystical tone, you can always use a combination of 2 or more colours to mix-and-match. After all, it is all up to your creativity on how you want to use them for your wedding. 

5. DIY Prop

If you’re a more handicraft and hands-on person, you may want to consider planning and making your own props. It’ll take time but of course, less cost will be spent on the wedding props. DIY props vary, again back to your own personal liking and wedding theme. Some brides love the rustic carefree woods theme that they rebuild the scene by using radiant paper planes and also leather luggage. 

Almost everything around you can be used as wedding props ideas depending on the suitability of how well does the wedding props go with your wedding theme. Remember, it is never about finding the perfect wedding props but the wedding props that are perfect for you.