Editor’s Pick: Top 10 Best Wedding Video Songs in 2017

August 1, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

A perfect wedding song can tell your very own love story and the journey that you have been through with your loved one. Will wedding video highlights be worth watching without the perfect wedding songs? Try imagining Logan without Johnny Cash’s Hurt as the background music. How melancholic will it be when the audio is being mute?

Choosing the right wedding song as your background music is as important as choosing the wedding gown or suit that fits you suitably. Whether you are a big fan of modern wedding ceremony songs or prefer slower and soft wedding music's beat, this wedding video songs list is definitely worth bookmarking. (We definitely suggest you to start playing it on while reading the reasons why these are the top 10 best wedding video songs in 2017!)

1. Last Puzzle Piece - Justin James

If you like the acoustic and feel-good tune, this Sunday morning song will be your new favourite love song. Serving as the background music for wedding video, it will let the whole wedding video highlights filled with glowing glee and bubbly joy.

2. The Way you Look Tonight (Acoustic)

Turning Frank Sinatra’s Original Jazz into a lighter twist, this slow tempo is not only perfect for a good romantic sway during the wedding dance but a rather astonishing piece for couples who want their wedding montage be filled with lovey-dovey 70s romance.

3. Take my Hand - Emily Hackett ft Will Anderson

This Country Folk song instantly brings you back to the first time both of you fall in love. The first time you touch, the first sensation you feel when you kiss, the butterfly in stomach anticipation when you look at her. Forever does not seems like a long time anymore when you are together with your loved one.

4. Always Be - Holley Maher

If you’re looking for a sweet song that’s more cheerful and at the same time not too upbeat, this is the song for you. Suitable for couples who are both have a taste for simple melody that reminds them of how true and pure their love is for each other.

5. Moments Like This - The Afters

A strong and passionate upbeat song that will make you want to put your groove on. Perfect for wedding videos that are full of moments of love, happiness and bliss. This is the type of song that will make you end up smiling and laughing like a fool in love.

6. I Can’t Wait (Be My Wife) - Runner Runner

Couples who favours a peaceful sweet tune (for church wedding especially) should add this song to their wedding music list. Wanting to create an ultra-personal ceremony? To have the meaningful lyrics that will propel your wedding memories into a few highlight montages? Then this is your top choice!

7. No ordinary love (Acoustic)

For the 80s or 90s bride, this is the song that will definitely bring you back to the beauty of that era with its R&B melody. Accompanied by the clean and mellow female local, get ready to get your legs swept off because this is not your ordinary wedding song.

8. When you look me in the eyes - Jonas Brothers

What is more romantic and sentimental than an affectionate confession? This is not only one of the most famous wedding pop songs, but also about how your other half makes you feel so loved.

9. Inward Tide - Green River Ordinance

With the strumming melody with smoky vocal, this is another one of editor’s pick as your choice of songs for wedding video highlights. Together you and your loved one can cherish and relive the moments as if the big day has never left and still lingers on.

10. Family Name - Peter Bradley Adams

A slow melodious country-like song. Hold your loved one and embrace each other, from two families into one. Having someplace to go is a family, having someone to love is family.