Things you need to know about Pre-Wedding Photography

May 22, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

Pre-wedding photography has become an inclining trend among the newlyweds to be a necessity before their big day. It is growing popular among people who want to show their strong characteristics through images that aim to relive and reminisce their romantic love story.

Many may question the real purpose of pre-wedding, some may have their doubts.

But, why do you need it?

What is a pre-wedding photography?

We can all agree that pre-wedding photography captures the sentimental moments between you and your other half. The real meaning behind pre-wedding is actually beautiful, deep yet intimate as you are able to reminisce how wonderful your relationship was when it started.

The touching sensation, the gentle gesture of caress or even the little harmless fight that ends with both you smiling and hugging. Every time you browse through your pre-wedding pictures, you will get to relive the sweet memories and constantly being reminded the reasons you fall in love with each other.

The pre-wedding shoot usually takes place approximately 3 months before the big day which normally will be taken on-site using natural lighting and setting to enhance the flattered outcome. 


So why is pre-wedding important?


1. Dispel Camera Fear/Shy

It may be difficult when being photographed on your wedding day as you are very well aware of a stranger standing by your side taking pictures of you. You may feel intimidated to have lens and cameras pointing at you. Hence, pre-wedding shoots provide you with the opportunity to get comfortable with your photographer. This is the best way to let them know your character and being able to best capture precious moments during your big day. 


2. Build Trust and Confidence

Say you are being photographed while putting on your gown and heels in the morning, doesn’t having a familiar photographer will make you feel more at ease and at the same time keeping the best shape of yourself? The pre-wedding day allows you to establish confidence with your photographer prior to the wedding day as it is going to be a long day having a stranger by your side. Perhaps you can even ask them for a tip or two on how to pose naturally to deliver the best picture. 


3. Save time

The outcome of the pre-wedding shots can give you a rough idea and understanding of how your photographer will be shooting your cherished moments. You may discuss or speak out any concerns you have to your photographer so both parties understand what each other need.

For example which side do you prefer to be photographed. Not only does this save time to worry on how you will perform on the real date itself, it also relieves plenty of unnecessary stress as it is going to be a busy day for you.

4. Personalized wedding invitations, guest book or decor

Now you have tons of amazing pictures of you and your fiancé/fiancee, how are you going to put it to use and share the love? No matter hanging it on the wall to make your home more lovely and warm, you can also use it as your wedding invitations to your guests and spread the good news. It is a good addition if you have a themed wedding which you can include your flair pre-wedding photograph at the reception or guest book for the guest to write their wishes on top of it.

5. Play with the dresses and shine like a star

Who does not love them gowns and wonder why can’t you try them all? Now yes you can! In pre-wedding, you can treat it as a dress rehearsal and see which style suits you the most. You can change into different attires according to the theme or location and feel pretty. It can be candid or posed pictures depend on what you favour more as the core reason is to remind you of the path you and your partner have come by and reenact love memories that are so real.


Pss..even the guys can have a little fun in choosing different engagement outfits

Most people might think it's unnecessary to do a pre-wedding shoot but couples who have been there and done that will assure you otherwise. At the end of the session, both the bride and groom will be enjoying themselves as it is so much fun in showcasing your love to the world. The more chemistry you and your partner put in the pre-wedding shoot, the more splendid and beautifully your picture will be. 


What’s the best of all?

You get to fool around and act silly with one another while being casually flirty. After all, you have been through countless of working separation or other factors, pre-wedding is generally a private time where you can enjoy yourself and have a great time spending it with your loved one before the blissful wedding day,


Most importantly, embrace the unique experience of pre-wedding photography, relax and have fun!