Real Wedding: This True Love Story Is Why
We Always Believe In Love

May 16th 2018 / Shuttering Hearts

Under a boundless cerulean sky, with wisps of cotton clouds streaking through the horizon and delicately-browned grass caressing their feet, Sarah and Duncan began their journey of infinite romance in the plains of Sekinchan.

Photo by photo, their love story unfolds through a series of personalised and natural photoshoots; their fleeting yet heartwarming couple moments and memories both frozen in time.

For the past few years, our lenses have turned towards this charismatic and beautiful couple - from their pre-wedding shoots to actual wedding day and now welcoming a new life. It is such a great honour for us to witness their love journey, from first glance, first love to first born.

The Love Story

“In a relationship, the personality of the other half is the essence that gently seeps into the love and nurtures it, so for me, It’s not about all those moments that drew me to love, it’s the sweet and tender couple moments that we share daily.”

Sarah and Duncan met while they were in college. Despite being separated by their different majors, with her being in illustration and him in graphic design, Sarah was eventually swept off her feet by Duncan’s warm, caring personality, along with all the adoring little moments shared during their courtship.

It was on a beautiful night at Vintry Jaya 33, filled with close friends and red wine, when Duncan knelt down and proposed to Sarah.

“I was invited to his buddy’s gathering. We were all chatting and chilling with red wine on a Saturday night. Suddenly I saw another gang of friends holding a bouquet out to him and he took out a ring, kneeled, and popped the question. I said yes without further thoughts!”

Their First Love Diary

As a nod to their artistic background, Sarah and Duncan chose to bathe the pages of their first ever love diary with natural photographs, gently white washed over with rustic swathes and vintage hues. Shuttering Hearts was chosen for its natural and photojournalistic approach to the photography style.

“We love all the photographs, the frames that tells the story of us. The style is beautiful! Not only that, we love the sincerity and passion of our photographer. He’s now more like a friend who witnessed us, keeping the good memories through all the beautiful photos.”

When They Said “I Do”

Friends are the faces that we can see even in the darkest of nights. Surrounded by the lush greenery, Sarah and Duncan’s love was witnessed by close friends and family. The wedding radiated a flurry of romantic and natural ambiences, bringing the couple’s charisma and artistic vibes to light.

A New Little Life

What is better than two is a family of 3. Sarah and Duncan are now preparing for 9 months to fall in love for a lifetime. Out in the woods, embraced by nature and soothed by the ocean, the couple went for warm and natural photography styles to welcome their first-born.

The Happily Ever After

Precious one, so small and sweet. There Sarah and Duncan hold in their arms an angel sent from heaven. A beautiful happily ever after in a fairytale come true.

Words From The Bride

“We want to thank Shuttering Hearts for being with us. The team’s patience and professionalism towards their photography is what makes them shine. It’s an amazing thing that Shuttering Hearts are able to capture all the important and memorable moments of us, together witnessing our love and growing with us. Thanks for also guiding us throughout the poses in a casual setting, and for easing us up with chats and jokes during each photo session.

Having Shuttering Hearts is having a friend who supports and accompany us throughout our love, from a budding seed to a blossomed flower. I love all the photos, and I wish that I can have our 10 years anniversary photograph with Shuttering Hearts again. Yes, we definitely will.”

Words From Shuttering Hearts

“As a wedding photography studio with more than 9 years of experience in the field, we don’t just want to capture moments and freeze memories, we want to bond and form a long-term relationship with everyone as well. Sarah and Duncan are more than just our clients, they are a gorgeous and dynamic duo who have now become our friends! The vintage, rustic, and natural themes that they chose for their photographs reflect who they are together - it’s our pleasure to be compatible with such an easy-going and down-to-earth couple.

We have come a long way since the first photoshoot with them, and it has been a journey filled with warmth and sweetness. Every single moment spent with Sarah and Duncan is wonderful and magical, and having the honour to witness their love blossom and bloom is one of our greatest blessings. We are eternally grateful to establish a relationship of more than just clients with them.”