Tips: Roles of the Groomsmen in Malaysia

June  20, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

So, your best friend asked you to be one of his groomsmen at his wedding. In all that sudden excitement (and maybe a little confusion), you agreed. Perhaps right now you are wondering or even starting to search online for what are the things that groomsmen has to do. Well, fear not because we will be sharing some a few tips visually on our infographic below on how to ace in becoming the one of the best groomsmen in Malaysia!

Here are our complete tips and guides for groomsmen's roles in Malaysia: 

1. Make sure the Groom Get Dressed

Keep the Groom on his schedule in getting ready. It is part of the groomsmen’s duty to keep the Groom looking at his best during the wedding. Make sure he looks as handsome as ever or better yet, make him look even more handsome than he is. Be his mirror and check whether did he missed something important before leaving and preparing to greet his bride.

2. The Gate-Crashing Squad

Squad means family and family means being there whenever they need you. This is the perfect time for you to show your best friend what you mean to him by backing him up through the obstacles set by the bridesmaids and get your man his bride.

As usual, the bridesmaids will lay out the perfect set of challenges to stop the groom squad in getting their lady bride. Put on your bravery and put aside your man-pride to overcome the gate-crashing games.

3. Plan the Bachelor Party

Your best friend is about to get married to the love of his life. That means more family time instead of bro time. This is the perfect opportunity to get wild and enjoy the last night of the groom’s single life before passing him to his beloved wife-to-be.

Planning a bachelor party is much like giving a farewell party. Just like any other farewell parties, make sure that everyone will be having fun especially the groom.

4. Assist Wedding Reception

Handling and welcoming the guests during the wedding reception is one of the major responsibilities. Guests will usually pay their token of joy in attending the couple’s wedding with “Ang pau” (red packets) or exclusive gifts.

Hence, to honour yourself as a reliable groomsman, you will have to take good care of the presents and record it down to make sure the details are right. It can be a handful even though the task sounds simpler than it actually is. The wedding reception can be at its highest traffic gradually as the time closes into the actual wedding dinner.

5. Mingle Around with Guests on Cocktail Party

In the modern wedding itinerary, there is usually a cocktail party before the grand entrance and dinner. The couple may or may not be able to cater all the audience and converse with each and every one of them. The bride even needs some time to herself to freshen up before the marching in.

This is the part where the groomsmen comes in. You can engage the incoming guests, talk to them and ensure they are all at ease. By communicating with the guests can let the guest feel more comfortable, the couple can also concentrate on bringing the best out of themselves.

6. Be Supportive at Wedding Dinner

The spotlight of the wedding night will be entirely on the groom and his bride. During this time, the groomsmen fades out and be the "back-men" of the groom. How so? It is a common knowledge that the groom will usually have to bottom up while paying their gratitude in thanking the guests for coming.

As the best groomsmen, you can help the groom to drink up in order to avoid your buddy in being too drunk. Not only can you be helpful in the toasting wine session, you can also be supportive during the grand march in when the lovebirds enter the room. Usually, the groomsmen’s table is the most supportive in clapping and cheering the loudest. So keep the passionate bromance spirit going on in supporting and celebrating your best friend and his bride’s perfect day.

7. Take Care of the Groom during the After Party

Some young couples will have another after party when the formal wedding night is over. The couple may bring along their friends to continue celebrating with a different kind of tune of the night after celebrating the wedding dinner with the family, relatives and colleagues. The groomsmen will need to take care of the groom to ensure he will still be himself after endless rounds of drinking and having fun during the after party.

The roles of groomsmen vary from country to country but the basis are still originated by the western countries. It is slightly different in the Asia countries. Hence, to honour and convenient our fellow Malaysia friends, this list of groomsmen's roles in Malaysia is dedicated to all the future groomsmen. Be the best groomsman for your buddy and being part of his memorable wedding memories!