Wedding Roles & Duties for Parents-of-newlywed

November 7, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

Your child is finally getting married! It’s a big day or better yet, it’s a HUGE and once-in-a-lifetime moment for your child and also for you. Your little boy/girl is all grown up and will be moving on to a new phase in life with his/her other half.

As the parents of the newlyweds, there are so many wedding roles & duties that you can actually participate in. However, do you know how involved in the wedding should you get? What are the things you’re supposed to do? Do you only get involved when you are asked to?

The biggest responsibility as the parents of the groom and bride is to lift the wedding planning weight off their shoulders. Here is how you can help the couple:

1. Wedding Planning Adviser & Consultant

Traditionally, the parents of the groom and bride will accompany their son/daughter in buying all the necessities that a wedding needs. From choosing the bride cakes for the guests to picking their wedding attire. Not only are parents are more experience in knowing how to prepare for a wedding, their role and responsibility are to guide and give them advice.  

During wedding attire shopping, most parents tag along just to experience the joy and laughter while providing loving and honest feedback. Who will always give you the most honest opinion besides your lovely parents? Therefore, making them the best advice and opinion givers.

2. Go-to Contact

One of the duties of mother-of-the-groom is to be the go-to contact person of all wedding vendors. Same goes to the mother-of-the-bride. If the wedding preparation is getting out of the couple's hands and the vendors aren’t able to contact both the bride and groom, at least the wedding vendors are able to inform the parents. As the parents of the newlyweds, make sure that everything is planned accordingly when taking charge of the vendors. If there were to be any last minute changes, do remember to inform the bride and groom.

Always keep in mind that your opinions matters! Therefore, remember to speak up if you feel that there’s something wrong about the vendor or itinerary. Of course, the bride and groom get to have the final say in every wedding decision.

3. Financial Responsibilities

The parents of the groom are the ones usually in charge of all the financial responsibilities. What kind of expenses? Well, almost everything that occurs during the wedding. That’s why it is important that as the parents of the groom, you have to keep track with the financial transactions that happen during the wedding. During the wedding reception, remember to make yourself available and keep an eye at the front desk.

If no one is assigned to be the person-in-charge, step up and take on the role. Some couples may prefer their parents to be enjoying the night instead. However, if you are the type who prefer to help the bride and groom out, you can always volunteer yourself at the wedding reception which will be the most hectic and crucial on that night.

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4. Suit Up & Veil Over

During the preparation in the morning, mother-of-the-bride may help your daughter to get into her dress. Before the groom arrives, it is a tradition for the parents of the bride to place the wedding veil over the bride's head. Upon placing the veil over the bride’s head, you will surely realize that your baby daughter is all grown up. This is and always will be the sweetest and unforgettable moment for both parties.

The responsibilities for the parents-of-the-groom during the morning preparation is to help the groom suit up and look his best! While in the midst of helping the bride or groom in wedding preparation, this is also a good time to give your son/daughter a heartwarming message.

5. Host & Hostess

As parents of both the groom and bride, you are required to move around and mingle with the guests. Be the perfect host and hostess by making sure that the refreshments are being served and constantly replenished. One of the wedding responsibilities for parents is to ensure that every guest is comfortable and enjoying themselves. It is your child's big day and this is one of their milestones in life. Try to loosen up and blend with the crowd by communicating and greeting them. This is also a good opportunity to get to know your son/daughter’s social circle. Or, catching up with relatives whom you have not seen for years or rarely have the chance to get together.

As the parents of the newlywed, you should always be ready to help out in whatever aspects of the wedding. Make sure to keep an eye open to make sure all wedding plannings are under control. The wedding day of your son/daughter is definitely going to be hectic and they have so much on their plate. So the biggest responsibilities and roles as the parents of the bride or groom are to be there for them. Most importantly, remember to have the good time as this is the day that you will also cherish for life.