Budget wedding: How to save money for a wedding

Weddings now cost more than just an arm or a leg. How can young couples who are ready for their next big decisions in life prepare for such luxurious events with high wedding cost? Perhaps with the financial aid of parents, 90s babies can tie the knot in their dream wedding. Follow our 8 ways on How to Save Money on your Wedding!

How to overcome these 5 Common Wedding Fears

Are you the type that will get nervous and excited before a long awaited vacation or short getaway? If so, it is more likely that you are also the type that will be anxious before your wedding day. Lucky for you, we will be sharing these top 5 common wedding fears and ways for you to overcome them!

8 Responsibilities Of The Bridesmaids

Being a bridesmaid is a glorious role and lifetime honour. A good bridesmaid will go all out to help plan and prepare the perfect wedding without needing the bride to worry all the hassle by herself. So, what are the 8 duties of bridesmaids?

6Ws you need to ask yourself before choosing your Wedding Theme

There are countless different types of wedding themes and most of them tend to leave people in awe. If you are looking for a wedding theme that will suit your style but can’t seem to find a suitable one for you, don’t give up! You’ll find something that will definitely suit you sooner or later. Let us share with you a few tips on planning your desired wedding theme step by step!

Take the Quiz: Are you the bride that overshares on social media

Since social media is a big part of our lives, it makes it a big part in weddings too. However, nobody likes to see someone spamming their news feed with repetitive things. 

Find out here at our quiz to know if you are one of the oversharing brides on social media!

Why people don't want gate-crashing wedding

Gate-crashing is part of Chinese Weddings' tradition. However, we have seen too many online videos that innocent wedding gate-crashing have turned into something more aggressive.

So, if you want to plan a creative and friendly-for-all gate-crashing wedding but aren’t sure on how to do so, here are a few of our top favourite gate-crashing ideas.