Solutions for All Ladies: What to wear to a wedding

For ladies, there is never enough right attire to wear to any occasions, let alone weddings. However, weddings are especially important formal events for women as they need to start thinking what to wear during that day. These 5 outfits solutions can ease you ladies out there as you can wear them to almost any wedding!

How to look good in Wedding Group Photos

What’s more important in wedding besides taking photos! Group photos are essential in every single wedding and everyone wants to look good in group pictures. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look good for group photos? If you are camera shy or wanting to look better in a group photo, here are some tips to looking good in pictures no matter weddings or other events!

Worst pieces of wedding planning advice you should avoid

There are lots of wedding planning advice out that are amazingly thought of. However, there is some bad wedding planning advice that you shouldn't follow blindly, especially in Malaysia since it is a multi-cultural nation. If you want a disastrous-free wedding, you must avoid these worst pieces of wedding planning advice.

Wedding Etiquette: The Dos & Don'ts

Planning a wedding is not as simple and easy as it seems. There are more than keeping things under budget or deciding on the wedding theme. Keep your wedding smooth sailing by checking out these DOs and DONTs of Wedding Etiquette Tips!

8 Last Minute Wedding Checklist

After months & weeks of planning, you are well prepared for your wedding by following this ultimate wedding preparation cheatsheet. However, it is always good to have a one last check before your final countdown to the actual day wedding. Check out our 8 last minute wedding checklist to ensure you a list of things and details to remember for your wedding!

Budget wedding: How to save money for a wedding

Weddings now cost more than just an arm or a leg. How can young couples who are ready for their next big decisions in life prepare for such luxurious events with high wedding cost? Perhaps with the financial aid of parents, 90s babies can tie the knot in their dream wedding. Follow our 8 ways on How to Save Money on your Wedding!