These popular Wedding Flowers are going viral!

August 15, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

Flower are widely loved because of its beauty or perhaps each has a different meaning. Not only does it fit well as your love confession to get your girl or as a decor piece, flowers never let you down. Hence, why should it be missed from your wedding day where you need both romance and ambience? Whether or not you’re looking for a natural or ballroom wedding theme, flowers are a must in every wedding! From big, vibrant blooms as your table centrepiece to petite petals lay softly prior your grand entrance, these classic beauties only enhance your wedding.

So, which type of wedding flowers suits your taste best? Here are the top 5 most popular wedding flowers that are loved globally.


Classic old rose. Roses made its appearance almost everywhere when it involves love and passion. It’s no doubt that roses made our list. With its amorous petals lay coquettishly on a gracefully yet dangerous thorned stem, the popularity of roses has only increased throughout the years. Roses have a variety of flowers but the 3 most popular colours are red, yellow, and white. Each colour has a distinct meaning that best convey how you feel towards your loved one.

For Red: Passion and Love

For Yellow: Friendship and Joy

For White: Innocence and Purity

Baby’s Breath

Shaping like countless tiny dots of white starts, Baby’s Breath is one unique flower if we say so ourselves. Not only is it suitable to stand by itself as a bouquet of flowers, Baby Breath can be served as a foil to other types of flowers. No matter what type of flowers you mix-match with it, the final outlook will still be gorgeous. The most popular flower combination is Rose & Baby's Breath. With Rose symbolises love and Baby's Breath means everlasting, the two represents your undying love.


Another fabulous and popular choice for wedding flowers ideas. Hydrangeas grow its fame by having many popular types of colours, from pale pink, sky blue, deep green and sweet burgundy. With a touch of Hydrangeas, your wedding will be exploded with vintage glamour and elegance from bridal bouquets, table centrepieces to wedding arrangements. Besides, it makes excellent additions to guest dining tables as they are virtually scentless. This ensures their aroma will not overpower the food and dishes served.

Sweet Peas

From its name you will get the idea this flower does not only have a sweet smell, its appearance put everyone in the mood. Apart from its usual pastel colour, Sweet Peas brand its status with the ruffly and flare shape. One of the popular reasons why Sweet Peas are the "in" flower for many weddings is because it goes well with almost every wedding theme especially pastel themed weddings.  


The trademark of elegance and luxurious. Peony has its reasons for being one of the most sought after types of wedding flower. Besides using as a fragrance for the whole wedding venue to smell good,  it also comes in bright colours which are sure to draw people’s attention. The Peony symbolizes romance, wealth and beauty, which are good blessings and wishes all wedding couples would love to have on their big day.


Wedding fashion might come and go, but these top 5 most popular wedding flowers are going to be your forever favourite. There may be many different types of flowers perfect for weddings. However, it is important to pick the flowers that suit your wedding theme and most importantly, suits the liking of you and your other half.