Budget wedding: How to save money on a wedding

September 26, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

Weddings now cost more than just an arm or a leg. How can young couples who are ready for their next big decisions in life prepare for such luxurious events with high wedding cost? Perhaps with the financial aid of parents, 90s babies can tie the knot in their dream wedding. Well, there are still ways you can spend less money and still get the perfect wedding you desire within your budget.

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Follow our 8 ways on how to save money for a wedding!

1. Off-peak season

Getting married during the off-peak season will definitely cost you less money. What are the hot months in Malaysia? If you are trying to avoid the peak season to get married, then you have to avoid January - March & November - December.

  1. January: As it transitioned from the holidays season of December, the beginning of January is also one of the popular choices among Malaysian couples when deciding on wedding dates.

  2. February: The wedding cost will increase no matter for wedding venues or flowers. February is not only just the month of Valentine’s Day, it is also the time where Chinese celebrates Chinese New Year. Occasionally, Chinese New Year will take place in late January. Hence, January and February are some of the peak seasons Chinese Malaysia couples will consider when finalising wedding dates.

  3. March: It sees an end to the monsoon on the east coast with gorgeous islands such as Tioman, Perhentian & Redang. This is why most beach lovers and sea enthusiasts couples will choose to have their wedding during March.

  4. November & December: These 2 months are not valued price as these are the time where school holidays have started. Towards the end of the year, everyone is in the festive mood where countless holidays plans are made. In December (and on New Year’s Eve), your competition may not be other marrying couples but holiday parties that are looking for the same venues and vendors that weddings do.

2. Greenery > Flowers

Wedding flowers are known to be one of the major factors contributing to expensive wedding cost. Who can resist the charm of flowers? Although wedding flowers are beautiful to look at, they actually can cost a ton of money! If you are environmentally friendly and don’t mind being indifferent than the rest, you can save money on wedding flowers by using more greenery in your wedding.

Consider replacing flowers with artificial flowers which will have similar breathtaking results. You can have these artificial flowers as your table centrepiece of little wedding details. Artificial flowers usually cost much lesser than actual flower and can help save money on wedding details.

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3. Vendors

If possible, try to look for wedding venues that don't require you to use their in-house vendors. These vendors usually cost more and are charged by hours.The money saving tip would be finding these wedding vendors yourself as they will charge lesser compared to in-house vendors. While seeking vendors, you can ask if they have collaborated wedding vendors.

The collaboration with either makeup artist, wedding gown or bridal shoes will usually provide you with a cheaper & discounted price. If you know someone or maybe a relative of yours is providing a wedding service that you are looking for, do consider hiring him/her. That way, you are able to save money on your wedding cost and also support him/her.

4. Wedding Music

What’s a celebration without a music? The right songs can put guests and wedding couples in the right mood. However, it is not necessary to hire a DJ for your wedding in order to have good music. The more budget way to save cost on the wedding is to have a good pair of speakers, a mixing deck if you can get access to it and an iPod loaded with some great wedding songs that you would like to put your guest mood on. This is one of the fast and economic ways to save money for your wedding. Or better yet, find friends who are talented and passionate in performing on stage. Have them perform or sing a few songs during your wedding night and show off their talent. 

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5. To fake or to skip, that is the question

Wedding cakes are one of the wedding traditions to proceed with after tying the knot. Through cutting the cake session, it somehow symbolises that your wedding event is complete. If you want to strive away from typical wedding cliches and save money on your wedding, you can either fake it or skip it. How to fake a wedding cake you ask? You can discuss with your baker for a fake wedding cake and they should know how to handle the rest. The Faux wedding cake (or called Dummy cake) is actually made from styrofoam cut into the shape of cake tiers and covered with either icing (buttercream or royal) or fondant. Don’t worry about not having a real cake to serve to your guests as you can buy a cutting slab to give to the guests.

For a simpler method, you can just skip the cake serving. If your guests just want a delicious tasting dessert to satisfy their sweet tooth, why not go for an alternative dessert? There are so many other kinds of desserts that cost lesser than the whole cake. For example, you can serve your guests cookies, chocolate, your local dessert, etc. One way you can spend less money on this is if you are able to provide your own desserts by having bridesmaids or friends to help baking them.

6. Ceremony + Reception

Another important tip in having a budget wedding cost is to have both your ceremony and reception done in the same place if possible. By planning two wedding sessions in the same place will save you time and also spend less on the wedding. The transportation fees which initially you will use to fetch your bride from one place to another can be saved and cut down. Other than that, weddings are made convenient for guests who came from outstation or overseas if both wedding ceremony & reception are held in the same venue.

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7. Bottomless drinks

What is a wedding dinner party without booze? However, if you are deciding to have bottomless drinks, it is almost guaranteed that you will have to spend a large portion on wedding preparation. Having bottomless drinks means having to pay for as much as your guests drink which is definitely a lot, especially if you have guests that can drink a lot. Alcohol these days aren’t cheap unless you’re getting married or living in countries with cheap alcohol. It is wise to not offer bottomless drinks if you live in countries with expensive alcohol. So never offer bottomless drinks if you want to save money on your wedding. Well, unless you can afford them then why not?

8. Props

Props to weddings are like diamonds to wedding rings. It enhances and adds a sense of personality to weddings. However, the price you spend depending on what kind of props you’re looking for. To save money for wedding preparations, you can have an alternative by making or DIY your own props. There are tons of videos online which you can learn how to do make your own props for any occasion! If you have the time and the talent for art & crafts, why not give it a try?

There are many ways you can actually save money on your wedding. One of the best ways you could possibly save money for your wedding would be preparing and doing them on your own or with the help of your bridesmaids or groomsmen. Remember not to over splurge on tempting wedding details that might cost a crazy amount and you don’t even actually need. Sometimes, spending money on a wedding planner isn’t such a bad idea either if you totally have no ideas how to plan your wedding. Although it might seem like you have to spend some extra cash, trust us, it’s going to be worth it.