Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes Brides Make (1 month before)

November 14, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

Many brides will start to panic as the days of her wedding are down to the very final month. If you’re having a wedding planner/wedding coordinator to plan your wedding, your worries will be much lesser. However, are you yourself really prepared for your wedding? Do you know what are the biggest wedding planning mistakes that most brides tend to make 1 month before their big day?  

Check out these common mistakes brides should avoid making while planning your wedding:

1. Not asking for help

We know that you really want to take care of it all and make sure everything is smooth sailing. However, that’s exactly how stress builds up. So, how do you stay stress-free and yet still have the perfect wedding that you have in mind? Well, all you have to do is put your trust in your friends and family to help you where help is needed. After all, that’s what family and friends are for, being there for each other in times of need.

2. Forgetting about the wedding photographer

One of the biggest wedding mistakes most brides will make is to forget about the wedding photographer when the big day is around the corner. Even though you have already planned everything on what you expect your wedding photographer to do, it is always good to double check. If you are expecting certain shots to be taken or vice versa, make sure your wedding photographer is well aware of your needs. To ensure that, always arrange a meet up one week before the big day to ensure your wedding runs smoothly on the day itself.

3. Making last minute changes

If you’re planning on trying something new for your wedding during the last month, the answer is, don’t do it! It’s never a wise decision to plan wedding details last minute as things will not end up as perfectly done as you first imagined. As a bride, you should stick to wedding planning you are comfortable with. Avoid changing little wedding details including your makeup, trying spray tans, hairstyles, major hair colour transformation and others. These are the little things you should be well prepared a few weeks before your actual wedding day. 

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4. Guests’ Q&A

Yes, your wedding is all about you and your beloved groom. Nonetheless, don’t forget about your guests! The most common wedding mistakes bride and groom will make are to confirm on the guests but forget to follow up later on. Remember to send out invitation confirmation emails to your beloved guests at least a month before your wedding day.

Make sure you answer any questions that your guests may have and if possible, give them more information than you think they actually need. It’s better to give them more wedding details rather than them bugging yours for more information. Considering there might be some guests that want to ask additional questions or simply just didn’t understand something about your wedding, you can always create a Facebook group to ease the process.

5. Honeymoon?

With all the busy planning for your wedding, many couples forget about their honeymoon. However, if you’re going to leave for your honeymoon not too long after your wedding, you wouldn’t want to push your honeymoon planning aside. Create a checklist of the things you would want to do during your honeymoon. That way, you will have a rough idea of the things you would want to prepare for your honeymoon.

These are the biggest and most common wedding mistakes that most brides will make a month before the wedding day. As a bride, if you realized that one of these mistakes that we stated fits your shoe, remember to fix your mistakes before it gets too late!