How to look good in Wedding Group Photos

October 24, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

What’s more important in wedding besides taking photos! Besides the bride and groom who wanted to treasure their once in a lifetime memory, the guests would love to keep their lovely appearance of the group pictures with the newlyweds.

Group photos are essential in every single wedding and everyone wants to look good in group pictures. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look good for group photos? Fret not about not knowing how to pose for good pictures. If you are camera shy or wanting to look better in a group photo, here are some tips to looking good in pictures no matter weddings or other events.

1. Be Natural

In every photo, try your best to be natural. We know it isn't easy to be natural in front of the camera. Start by just relaxing and smile! You don’t want to look stiff and uneasy at photos. Remember not to force out a smile and just go with the flow. However, by being natural doesn’t mean you have to keep on smiling. You can just strike out a nice pose depends on what the wedding photographer asks you to do.

However, if you are not comfortable with the pose the wedding photographer asked you to do, you may ask him/her for a different pose. In order to look natural in pictures, you must first be comfortable with what you’re doing.

2. Keep your hair flair

One of the things that people will definitely notice in group photos other than your outfit, would be your hair. Therefore, make sure your hair is well maintained during the group photo. Make sure that it’s washed, dried, styled, etc.

For men, if you were wearing a cap the entire day and you are required to remove your cap for a picture, make sure you have something to style your hair with as your hair will be flat due to the cap. If you have difficulties styling your own hair, do consider going to the saloon a day before the wedding to get your hair done.

One important thing to remember is to make sure your hair smells good too. Nobody likes to be with someone who smells bad. Therefore, make sure you wash your hair before the wedding as it’s going to be a whole day out and sweating will just seem unavoidable.

3. Don't be afraid to stand out

If you want people to notice you in group pictures, you must first stand out. But, how do you do that? 

Well, one of the tips to pose for good photos and stand out is when others are doing a particular pose, just pose something else! Explore unique poses more than just a simple peace sign. People tend to remember things that are one of a kind which they never saw before.

The easiest way to look good in pictures and standing out is through your dressing. However, no matter how out of this world you may dress, always remember to follow the dress code of the particular event.

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4. Find your best angle

Everybody has got that one good angle that helps us in pictures. Different people have different “best angles”. Therefore, it is a good idea to spend some time in front of the mirror and test out where and which is your best angle. This is one of the crucial tips on how to pose for a good picture, no matter male or female.

However, there are some people who still are yet to find their “best angle”. Don’t worry, this is where a good photographer comes to use! Having an experienced wedding photographer will definitely make you and your guests looking good in every photo! Do consider trying out different angles by yourself. You may even practice doing different poses in order to find your best angle.

5. Keep your chin up, beautiful

One of the common mistakes people makes while taking a group picture is that they tend to slouch instead of standing straight. By standing up straight during group pictures, you give out the impression of viewers that you are a person with class instead of a lazy person that slouches.

Therefore, it is a good idea to practice before actually going out and try to ace it. Keep on practising until it becomes a habit then you won’t have to force yourself to stand up straight in the future. In a way, standing straight makes you a little more confident and attractive unintentionally.

Remember not to go overboard and make it too obvious that you are trying really hard to stand straight. By doing so, you will be doing the opposite of what you really wanted to do.

Different people have different requirements when taking pictures. In order to look nice in a group photo, just make sure that you yourself look good and just be natural and let the wedding photographer do his/her job.

There are many different types of group photos. Therefore, it is also important to pose according to the assigned theme. You won’t want to be looking out of the place too much would you?