8 Last Minute Wedding Checklist

October 3, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

After months & weeks of planning, you are well prepared for your wedding by following this ultimate wedding preparation cheatsheet. However, it is always good to have a backup plan just in case something were to go wrong with your wedding. It is better to be ready if anything were to happen. As the wise sayings, “Hope for the best, Prepare for the worse”. However, there seems to have a lot of things that you can actually be worried about.

Therefore, here is our 8 last minute wedding checklist to ensure you a list of things and details to remember your wedding.

1. Back-ups

Bring along a backup of your vows, speeches, music, etc. Always have a copy of it somewhere that is easily accessible. You can even consider asking someone to keep it for you, best if there is a friend that will constantly be by your side throughout the entire wedding. A good example would be members of wedding squad, either the bridesmaids or the groomsmen.

You can even ask your parents to help you keep the backups if you are afraid that your bridal team might be too occupied and misplace them. Mistakes and errors can happen just in the blink of an eye. If you are cautious enough, you may even want to consider getting a backup of your wedding itinerary if possible.

2. Wedding Gifts for guests

One of our last minute wedding checklist for the brides would be to double check on your wedding gifts. Make sure that your delicately chosen wedding gifts for your respected guests are all ready and well prepared with care before your wedding started. This is one of the small wedding details not to be forgotten by making sure if your gifts are in the proper condition. You would want your gifts looking at its best when it is being given to your dearest guests and relatives.

You can actually ensure that your gifts are in kept safely and in their perfect form would be for you to keep it in a secure location and handled with care. Assign one of the bridesmaids from your bridal team to be in charge of the wedding gifts. This way will totally leave you at ease while someone you trusted is handling your worries for you.

3. Review printed materials

One of the wedding details that you must not forget would be your printed materials. In every wedding, there are definitely going to have some printed materials such as the menu, the seating arrangements, signs, etc. It’s a good idea to check them out one last time before the actual wedding. Make sure that everything is in order and that the words are clearly visible for your guests and relatives to read. Other than that, make sure that the fonts you use are suitable for every age group. You wouldn’t want to use an inappropriate font like Jokerman in your wedding, so try choosing font that make it easy for everyone to read.

After that is done, you would want to check the ink on your printed materials to avoid having the printed materials smeared. Therefore, make sure that everything is a tip-top condition before proceeding with the wedding as this is one of the little wedding details in planning that most brides will usually forget.

4. Reception Gift

Being the spotlight of the wedding, you are bound to receive gifts from your beloved guests and relatives. However, it will be illogical for you to keep it all with you for the entire duration of your wedding. Therefore, confirm with the person in charge of taking care of the presents is one of the last minute wedding checklists that most brides tend to forget. Keeping the presents safe and recorded is usually part of the responsibilities of the groomsmen or bridesmaids. Make sure that the person you left in charge is capable of keeping things safe for the entire duration of the wedding.

If you’re having your wedding in a location where they have rooms available for you, you can even ask for your gifts to be transferred there to ensure their safety and the convenience later on. Remember to keep track of who gave what gift too. You wouldn’t want to thank the wrong person for the wrong gift. Let your guests know that you truly appreciate their thoughts when getting you the gift by sending them a personal thank you note. 

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5. Equipments for playing Videography/Montage/Slideshow

It’s sad to say that even with the advancement of technology, technology still fails us when we need them the most sometimes. Therefore, it’s wise to put running through wedding videos that you want to showcase to your guests and relatives on your last minute wedding checklist. You will never know what kind of technical difficulties might occur! Make sure that the visual is clear and can be seen even from the back of your wedding hall to ensure all respected guests are able to witness the lovely moments of you and your groom.

Other than that, make sure that the audio can be heard all the way from the back of the hall. If you yourself find it hard to see or hear the video during the testing session, it’s best to let the person in charge fix it as soon as possible. Once everything is fixed, remember to have one last run through before the wedding begins.

6. Emergency Kit

An emergency kit is one of the important checklists you need to remember on your wedding day. In this case, the emergency kit holds all essential things that you feel you might need as a bride. In case something goes wrong like a small tear in your clothing, smeared makeup or even a small cut, you will be well prepared. Make sure that your emergency kit is somewhere accessible to you or to someone who you know will be following you. (It is one of the bridesmaid's duty!) Since we can’t predict the future, having an emergency kit is a must.

Worry that you might need to fit a lot of things inside your emergency kit?

One of the ways to keep only the important stuff is to only include things that you can’t afford being ruined on your big day. For example, smeared makeup. You wouldn’t want to be walking around your wedding with your makeup unfixed after an emotional speech and can't-do anything about it, would you? Therefore, you would want to bring along your basic makeup tools together with you. You don’t necessarily have to use it, but it’s always better to be prepared instead of regretting it

7. Transportation

As the bride and star of the night, you will be the first one to reach the wedding and the last to leave. Hence, transportation may be a critical issue which is why you will have to confirm the arrangements while planning your wedding. If you already have someone who will be driving you and your bridal team to and fro, make sure that he/she is going to be punctual. Make sure that your driver is aware of the time the wedding starts and what time it ends.

However, if you are afraid of being late, you can then consider staying in a hotel nearby your wedding location. Although this might be costly as you will have to book not only a room for yourself but rooms for the bridesmaids' squad too, staying in a hotel allows you to avoid all the crazy and hectic jam. However, if you insist on getting a driver, then all you have to do is make sure that your driver doesn’t be late. 

8. Honeymoon

Lastly, if you and your partner are both planning to go on your honeymoon not too long after your wedding, make sure that your honeymoon plans are all according to the plan. Double check on the flight tickets, the place you guys will be staying, transportation, etc. Remember to pack everything beforehand too so that you guys won’t need to be so much of a rush. If you are going for a destination wedding, you would want to be even more prepared! By the time you get back from your wedding, you won’t even have much time to pack your clothes and the things you want to bring together with you on your honeymoon.

Our advice? Prepare everything by making a honeymoon travel checklist and print it out before you even go out for your wedding. That way, by the time you get back from your wedding, there won’t be a problem with you rushing to pack. However, this only applies if you are planning on going for your honeymoon as soon as you guys are done with your wedding. If not, then you will still have time to unpack and take your time to pack for your honeymoon.

Forgetting crucial wedding details are scary to think about it when planning. You never know what will happen next as we can’t predict the future to see what might just go wrong in your wedding. The only thing you can do is to have a last minute wedding checklist and to avoid forgetting anything important before your big day arrives.