Solutions for All Ladies: What to wear to a wedding

October 31, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

The common daily frustration of every woman is to stare at her wardrobe and thinking, ”What should I wear today?” For ladies, there is never enough right attire to wear to any occasions, let alone weddings. Weddings are where all guests are invited to give their blessings to the bride and groom. However, weddings are especially important formal events for women as they need to start thinking what to wear during that day.

Why do we say for ladies? Well, when it comes to weddings, unlike men who wear slacks with long sleeve button up shirt together with a coat, ladies have to decide for hours on what dresses to wear and what accessories to match with it.

To help you ladies in picking what attire to wear and look more presentable & gorgeous than the rest of the female guests, these are the 5 outfits that you can wear to almost any wedding.

1. Strapless Dress

If you’re daring enough, you can consider wearing a strapless dress to the wedding. As time goes by, strapless dress has become more and more trendy. People are more eager to get their hands on the latest strapless dress to wear to their personal functions or events like weddings. A strapless dress can be many things, either you want to be sweet & demure or sexy & smoking hot.

However, many ladies are afraid of wearing strapless dresses because they feel insecure about it. Well, most strapless dresses now have a transparent strap to make sure it doesn’t slip off.  So, if you are looking to have a change of style and try something new, why not give the strapless dress a go?

2. Pastel Coloured

The love for pastel doesn't just stop at wedding theme or flowers, but also dresses! Pastel coloured dresses for the wedding are pleasing and easy going in the eyes of whoever that gazes upon it. It comes in many different colours such as pink, purple, yellow, and turquoise.

Not only do they look lovely in silky and airy tulle, you can also mix and match any bridal shoes you would want to pair together with your pastel dress. Pastel coloured dress gives off a romantic and sweet ambience and would go well with a pair of white heels. No wonder it is all women's first choice in choosing dresses for weddings.

3. Once and FLORAL

One thing floral dresses are known for would be to give off a sweet and lovely appearance. Floral dresses come in many different designs, patterns, and even colours! It’s up to you to decide on which one you think will suit you best. A floral dress would be the perfect dressing if you are going to attend a bohemian or garden themed wedding. It will certainly bring out the feel of the wedding theme to live! 

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4. Classic B&W (Black & White)

Black and white are one of the most classical yet trending attire you can probably wear. It’s simple yet giving out the elusive feel. Since the trend has been going on for some time now, people with the creative mind of theirs started to come out with their own black and white outfits that renews the black and white trend. However, it is crucial to mix and match instead of just wearing plain black dress.

If you are to go for a full black outfits when attending wedding, perhaps you can play with the design or cutting of the little black dress. Remember to also spice it up with either silver accessories like pearl white earrings or a pair of striking heels. After all, plain black is still not the most suitable colour to be seen in celebration functions like weddings especially in Asian countries. 

5. Follow the wedding theme

In some weddings, the wedding theme will be stated in the invitation. Therefore, the only right thing to do would be to dress accordingly to the stated wedding theme. For example: If the wedding theme is beachside, as a guest, you would want to dress up in something that sort of relates to being by the seaside. Perhaps a sky blue dress with seashells patterns.

The good thing about the dress code for a special wedding theme? You already have a fixed or ideal what-to-wear instead of worrying other else. If you’re still really unsure what attire to wear, ask around to see if what you intend to wear matches what others would be wearing. That way, you won’t be sticking out like a sore thumb.

Weddings are one of the few places where you can dress up in your best outfits without going too much. Dress in whatever you feel is appropriate for the wedding. One ultimate tip in picking an outfit for a wedding would be to trust yourself.

Trust yourself in picking the right outfit for the wedding and most importantly, have self-confidence! You may dress your best but if you don’t have confidence, even photos can tell!