How to overcome these 5 Common Wedding Fears

September 19, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

Are you the type that will get nervous and excited before a long awaited vacation or short getaway? If so, it is more likely that you are also the type that will be anxious before your wedding day. Overcoming wedding anxiety is almost a thing that all newlyweds will have to be prepared about before their big day.

It is understandable that both the bride and groom want to look and feel perfect on their wedding day. (We are talking about common wedding fears like “what if it rains or bad wedding photo” instead of the pre wedding jitters here!)

Lucky for you, we will be sharing these top 5 common wedding fears and ways for you to overcome them!

1. Bad Weather

Bad weather is every bride & groom’s worse nightmare, especially the heavy and unending rain. It is somehow unavoidable since we are in Malaysia, a nation that is hot and humid year round, interspersed with tropical rain. You may try to avoid this natural occasion by planning your wedding during the months where there is less rain or just avoid the monsoon raining season. 

According to Wonderful Malaysia, Malaysia faces two monsoon seasons: Southwest Monsoon (late May to September) and Northeast Monsoon (October to March).

Another way you can avoid having this problem is to have an indoor wedding. Although outdoor wedding such as Breezy Beach or Rustic Garden wedding tends to be more interesting than an indoor wedding, it sure is a rain-free guarantee. Light drizzles are sometimes beneficial to the wedding photo shoot to give it an extra feel compared to a normal wedding shoot.

However, make sure to look out for storms!

2. Bad photos

Weddings are one of those special occasions that you would want to remember for life. What if your wedding photographer failed to take pictures to your liking? That’s why it is very important to get to know your wedding photographer beforehand. Understand his/her work, what kind of pictures does he/her produce and so on before deciding your wedding photographer.

Bear in mind that every wedding photographer specializes different styles. So it is crucial for the bride and groom to love and adore the work of the photographer. More importantly is to connect with the wedding photographer. Better communication with mutual understanding will guarantee a more desirable outcome.

One way to reduce the risk of picking the wrong wedding photographer is to meet up with him/her in person before your wedding so that both parties understand what each other wants and ensure a smooth flow during the wedding day.

3. Can't please everyone

Although you would want everyone to enjoy themselves during your wedding, it’s merely impossible to try and please every guest in your wedding. Everyone has different taste and liking of different matters. We know it is one of the common wedding anxieties to be afraid of someone bad mouthing or disliking your wedding details. Accept the fact that you won't be able to please everyone and it is YOUR wedding, anyhow.

Don’t get us wrong.

We are not saying that you shouldn’t care about your guests. Just do your best to make sure all guests are having a good time at your wedding and feel as comfortable as possible. You can plan things that you know everyone will enjoy in order to reduce the risk of conflict. Instead of figuring how to please everyone, focus more on enjoying yourself during your wedding day. Don’t let others strip away the happiness and fun you deserve from you.

4. Falling Sick

Falling sick sucks, what more during your wedding day?

Many brides fear falling sick during their wedding day and to have a hard time to enjoy their big moments. The easiest way to beat this is to make sure you are on a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet before counting down to your wedding day. Prevention is better than cure. So, before your wedding, make sure you’re eating right, exercising daily, drinking enough water, and most importantly, having enough sleep.

Try to avoid overloading yourself with too many wedding preparations tasks while maintaining your daily chores. Get your family or bridesmaids/groomsmen to help. It is one of the responsibilities of bridesmaids to help lift the burden off the bride’s shoulders.

However, if you really do fall sick, quickly seek medication as soon as possible. The faster you work on getting healed, the faster you will actually get healed. Another way would be just to rest more as resting allows your body to quickly heal itself.

5. Bad Hairdo or Makeup

As all eyes will be on the lovely bride, you would want to look your very best for everyone to see. No matter how well prepared you are, the thought of having a bad hair day or smeared makeup will definitely haunt your thoughts.

A way to counter this?

Talk to your makeup artist so that they will understand your worries and put extra thoughts in securing your perfect look, even until the end of the day. Learn to put your trust in your makeup artist and hair stylist. After all, they are professionals for a reason. If they can’t help you, no one else can.

So, trust them in making you the best-looking bride you can possibly be during your wedding day.

These are just the top 5 common wedding fears and the ways to overcome them. However, it is best not to stress about wedding anxiety so much. With the proper planning and time management, everything will turn out just the way you want. With all these planning, you shouldn’t forget about yourself.

Hey, preparing a wedding is crucial but being the best of yourself is even more important!

Take some times to relax your mind. Get a drink, watch some television, hang out with your group of friends, basically anything you can do to keep your mind off the wedding for the time being.