Groomsmen and Best Man: Duties Checklist

December 19, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

We all know that groomsmen are the brotherhood squad members who helped the groom during his wedding day, either during the gate-crashing games or help serve the guests at the wedding reception. But, what does a best man do? Isn’t best man a groomsman either?

So, what’s different between The Best Man and Groomsmen?

The best man IS part of the groomsmen, just as the maid or matron of honour is part of the bridesmaids. However, the best man is usually a closer relation to the groom (such as the brother or the best of best friend) and has a higher honour and greater responsibilities than do the other groomsmen.

Best man usually is the leader of the pack, who is in charge of organizing and making sure all the pre-wedding planning and wedding details are on track. The groomsmen, on the other hand, has to always be on standby to help the best man and the groom if they are in need of help.

Best Man Checklist:

  1. The go-to person for all wedding planning besides the groom, serve as the groom’s personal aide for before and during the big day.

  2. For Chinese Church wedding, best man will have to attend the wedding rehearsal with the bride and groom and all the other attendants. This is the chance to figure out how to walk down that aisle to avoid any sudden situations.

  3. If no ring bearer is assigned, the best man will be in charge of taking care of the rings (--- and triple check that the rings are safe with you!).

  4. The mastermind behind planning of the bachelor party.

  5. Serving as the witness to the marriage.

  6. Giving a heartwarming and emotional speech during the ceremony/reception.

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Groomsmen Checklist:

  1. Assisting the best man in organizing the bachelor party.

  2. Arrive earlier at the ceremony or wedding dinner reception to greet and seat the guests as they arrive.

  3. Mingle around and make the guests feel at home, especially looking after guests with special requirements.

  4. Assisting in picking the right and matching wedding formalwear for the groom.

  5. Keep the groom relaxed and feeling supported throughout the entire wedding day.

As a groom, if you would like to be worry-free and split the responsibilities, you are ought to choose your best right man before deciding on the groomsmen. Your best man will then lead and handle your tuxedo squad from pre-wedding to the actual day preparations to make your wedding day as smooth as possible.