Why people don't want Gate-crashing Wedding

August 22, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

Chinese Weddings have this tradition called the gate-crashing games. The groom and his groomsmen have to go through a series of obstacles organised by the bridesmaids to show how much and how far the groom will go through in order to get his beloved bride.

The meaning of gate-crashing was originated from the ancient Chinese. Some believed that the noises from the grooms and groomsmen throughout the gate-crashing games can scare off any evil spirits lurking around the wedding. Another saying is to prepare the bride and groom to break the ice as the newlyweds are usually meeting for the first time in the past since marriage was arranged. In the modern days now, even though couples wedded each other after spending time knowing and courtship, the gate-crashing tradition still passes on. It is one of the major roles of a groomsman to overcome the obstacles prepared by the bridesmaids and help his best buddy to win back his bride. This may start out as a respect to traditional Chinese culture and slowly now have turned into more of a fun and interesting wedding session that the couple's' friends love to watch and participate.  

However, we have seen too many online videos and wedding sharing that the harmless and innocent wedding gate-crashing have turned into something more aggressive and wrapped. There are numerous wedding gate-crashing ideas that are beyond fun and more of plain torturing. Many ended up abandoning this tradition which is suppose to be fun. Some tend to go overboard and it may hurt the relationship between the relatives and friends from both groom and bride's side.  

So, if you want to plan a creative and friendly-for-all gate-crashing wedding but aren’t sure on how to do so, here are a few of our top favourite gate-crashing ideas:

1. How low can you go

In this game, have the groom and the groomsmen to go Limbo dancing prior entering the bride's house. After the first round is done, decrease the height of the stick so the men have to go lower and lower until a certain possible height for them to go under. 

2. 10 reasons why

This is one of the simplest yet sweetest gate-crashing game. The groom is needed to write down 10 reasons why he loves the bride. Perhaps her gentle caress, her unconditionally giving or even her kind heart. Once the groom is done, he has to read it out for her to hear in front of everybody.

3. The checklist

This game will test how much the groom really knows his bride. So grooms, better buck up and start to notice more little details about your soon-to-be wife. The bridesmaids have to come up with a list of questions based on unforgettable memories the bride shared with the groom. To complete the obstacle, the groom has to answer them correctly or else there will be punishment prepared by the bridesmaids.

4. Squint & Eat

Using small snacks or food bites like biscuits or crackers, the bridesmaids will then place them on the face of the groom and his groomsmen. They will have to try the best they could to eat the food placed without using both hands. Each and every groomsman will have to complete the tasks in order to win this gate-crashing games. But hey, what is this little obstacle in comparison to getting the bride back home right?

5. No Pain, No Gain

Ever wonder if your leg hair is too long or too hairy? Here is a free waxing session prepared by the bridesmaids before meeting your wife-to-be! Total pain level will be minimum depending on the amount of hair you have. Well, this is just a small price you have to endure to win your bride back home!

6. Flexibility Test

"Whattt... "

Yea, we know many of you will have the same expressions as our beloved groomsmen above upon hearing being flexible. Unless you always opt for stretching routine during gym session or attend yoga classes, this one of bridesmaids' favourite go-to gate-crashing games will only be the groomsmen's headache. 

Rated as the most popular gate-crashing games of all time. There is no doubt that the people love this game is because of the humorous outburst. Pity the groomsmen who are far away from being flexible, even stretching pains them. This gate-crashing game includes more than ordinary yoga poses. Fun yet challenging poses can range from forming a pyramid, palm-to-palm to even a fan shape!

7. Relive love memories

Another rather sweet gate-crashing ideas for those who don't mind being shined blind by the couple's love. The rule for this game is simple. The groomsmen have to react the sweet scenarios of Pre-Wedding couple poses. Easy right? This another gentle gate-crashing game that will guarantee to fill the pictures and shots with nothing more than love and smile.  

8. For her smile

" I will die for you."

" I will get you the moon, or even the stars as my profound love to you."

Yea yea, we all heard these cheesy and corny love professions before. Here is the time that you really prove what extent are you willing to do for your love of the life. If seeing her smile is what makes your heart pound, then this is definitely an obstacle worth overcoming for - defame your image and alter ego. The bridesmaids will usually request the groom and his men to wear something ladylike to bring out their feminine side. This is also the time to see if the groomsmen are willing to go the extra miles for their best buddy.

9. One, two, three!

Remember the time when Gwiyomi was on trend like a catching fire? It never dies out and still is one of the favourable options when it comes to gate-crashing ideas. As simple as getting your photo taken with the 1, 2, 3, except this time things get more literal. Complete all cute and gwi-yeob-da (adorable in Korean) poses from 1-6 and you are ready to go. Of course, with the Gwiyomi brainwashing tune playing in the background.

10. Taste Bud Challenge

How sensitive is your taste bud to different types of taste? We hope it's not too high if you want to get over this gate-crashing game session asap. Depending on the bridesmaids but normally prepared food for this Taste bud Challenge will always be Wasabi. Being crowned as the No. 1 taste bud food tester, there is no way out except endure the food.

One tip from the editor while preserving Wasabi:

" Do not keep your mouth closed so that the sting feeling will not travel through the back of the mouth and up into the nasal cavity much. "

[ Bonus! ]

Chop, Chopstick

We did not forget about the overseas grooms that won the Malaysia's daughters' hearts. This game is more interesting if prepared for the Malaysia's Sons-in-Law. One of the main cultural differences is the usage of cutleries where Caucasians are more familiar using fork & spoon while Asians opt for chopsticks more. There are many ways of involving chopstick in gate-crashing games. Bridesmaids can prepare a bucket full of ice and coins for the grooms and the groomsmen to pick the coins up by using only chopsticks.

People are afraid of gatecrashing mainly is because the session is getting out of hand. This is why we only hand pick the ones that are more than gentle but at the same time, fun and meaningful. With these pleasantly friendly-to-all gatecrashing games, Chinese Weddings will only get more interesting while keeping the tradition and have everyone on joyful mood since the morning ceremony. We can assure these are definitely suitable for all couples, especially for those who prefer a more gracious lean on the gate-crashing session.