Find your Wedding Style

August 29, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

There are plenty of wedding themes and colours but how do you find your wedding style? Every couple loves a unique and personal wedding theme that will be remembered throughout generations to come. However, everyone has their own personal perspective on whichever wedding themes they like most.

Worry not if you are indecisive either which one of them should you choose best for your wedding. Perhaps after seeing our 5 hottest wedding styles in Malaysia, you will have a rough idea on the type of wedding you desire.

1. Pastel

Many couples love the pastel theme due to its soft approach. Pastel colours set the lively and dreamy mood alongside with delicate coloured clothing and decorations. Pastel weddings are made famous because of its soft effect on its eyes which will make everyone instantly fall in love upon looking at it. The more common pastels are baby blue and blush pink to represent both the groom and bride. If you are daring and creative, opt to go for a bolder colours like the pastel mint or maybe even lavender rose. Every colour offers a whole different feeling to your wedding according to what ambience you hope to have during your big day!

2. Vintage

Vintage wedding themes are the majority of couple’s favourite. Couples love vintage-inspired wedding because of its elegant colours and unique design. What’s even more eye-catching from the wedding is the decorations which are very rare and hard to find. The decors can vary from something as small and simple like a grandfather's clock or leather luggage to something bigger like a wooden arch wedding backdrop made of tree branches and tweaks. Couples who wish to have vintage wedding decorations that remind them of the graceful ancient period of that certain time will definitely love this wedding style!

3. Fairytale

The once-upon-a-time fairy tale theme recently got hotter into the wedding trend because of Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan’s fairy tale themed wedding. You can’t deny that it is every girl’s dream to be a princess on her wedding day and this particular theme will satisfy her desire to be the princess she always wanted to be. It is a common misconception for people to think that it is hard to produce good fairytale weddings in Malaysia. You may start by finding the long lace ivory bridal dress with grandeur candle-lit decors. The easier and less hassle way is to find the right wedding planner and before you know it, you’re exchanging vows with your loved one in the fairytale wedding theme you never thought you could achieve.

4. Bohemian

Bohemian wedding themes are for those who prefer natural wedding settings in the outdoor. Bohemian weddings offer a spectacular scenery and will definitely amaze everyone with their beautiful decor either for the reception or as a bohemian table center piece. Bohemian weddings offer an interesting mix of natural, rustic, and vintage feel to their designs. They are indeed unique and very mesmerising in comparison with the usual wedding that held in the hotels. If you’re the type who loves nature, you will definitely enjoy a wedding theme like the Bohemian itself.

5. Classical

Planning to focus more on the simpler and majestic ambience, then Classical Wedding will be the best option for you. Since Malaysia is a multiracial country, it has countless of historical places with a very high culture that you may consider to be your wedding venue. Classical Wedding is famous for its elegance and timeless look. That's why it is no doubt that the classical wedding theme would be on our list! There are still many couples who love the touch of traditionality and simplicity. In today's time, the majority of the bride and groom fused the classic wedding with a hint of modern contemporary to lighten up the wedding style using unique yet memorable designs.

These are the hottest wedding style that we find it best to accommodate brides with various love for fun and tradition. Perhaps if you are the type that likes to get hands on your wedding to make it more personal, why not consider doing a DIY wedding utilising various trending wedding props? This is also one of the ways to ensure your wedding in being more exclusive and the wedding will turn out looking more you.