Take the Quiz: Are you the bride that overshares on social media? 

August 29, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

Since social media is a big part of our lives, it makes it a big part in weddings too. Some weddings have even created hashtags on social media platforms for their wedding. This is one of the cute and creative ways to remember their wedding day a few months down the road. However, nobody likes to see someone spamming their news feed with repetitive things. Yes, even if it is posting relationship on social media or constant updates on your oh-so-glamorous wedding details. 

Find out here at our quiz to know if you are one of the oversharing brides on social media!

1. Right platforms

Although all social medias are for people to share and publish their daily updates, it is still slightly different on what to post on different social media platforms. The more common use for Facebook is to update your complete wedding album. It is more than appropriate if you wish to categorise them into the big picture and small details. The latest trending app, Snapchat is suitable for a quick sneak-peek while leaving some mystery. Standing as the world's collection of gorgeous pictures, it is only right to post your wedding highlights on Instagram. Make sure that you are using the right platforms for the right purpose so it will not seems like you are one of that couple who overshares all wedding details in social media.

2. Constantly posting status updates

If you are the type of bride that feels it is completely necessary to post about your new wedding plan every single time you venture into new wedding progress, you are most likely oversharing. It is always great to get more ideas and advice from friends on various social media. Of course, don't go wayyy overboard by asking petty questions almost every single day. Do consider taking some time off away from social media by setting some boundaries for posting too much on Facebook or other platforms. Perhaps you can try only posting once a week on #WeddingWednesday. Trust us, your friends and family will be grateful to you for not shoving your wedding posts in front of their faces.

3. Humble Brag

We’re sure you have seen those online posts where someone posts a picture with the caption saying something like, “I’m so blessed we are in love...” together with the hashtags #blessed or #weareinlove. When you did it once, people will definitely react it with hearts emoji and countless Awwws. However, if you cross the boundaries and post similar captions on every single post, people will only scroll pass them as they feel annoyed. A good suggestion on how to not be the spammy type: Tell your loved one that you feel lucky to be with them either face to face or send them a personal message. Facebook & Snapchat has numerous cute stickers and bitmoji. Abuse them to your significant other!

4. Don't just rant

Sometimes things don’t always go your way, and that’s completely normal. It happens to everyone. Things won’t change just because it’s your wedding day. We get that you want everything to be perfect on your wedding day and the extra challenges faced on your wedding will lead you extra miles further to angertown. It is reasonable to let you stream out on social media and reduce your anger with positive feedbacks & encouragement from friends. However, don't rely on the social platform to rant everything. We sometimes it is tempting but people will start to find it annoying. Trust us when we say that no one likes to have an annoying person spamming their rants on their news feed.

5. Countdown Fever

We get it. You are excited and can’t wait for your wedding day to finally arrive. The ugly truth is, not everyone on your friends' list is as excited as you are. If you are the type that overshares daily on how many days, minutes and seconds are left until your wedding, we are pretty sure your followers and friends can count just fine. You will not want to be seen as the annoying couples that overshare, do you? Instead of spamming daily, why not try it weekly or fortnightly until coming down to the final week before your wedding date. By then, you can start your final 10 days countdown and get more friends to be as excited as you are on social media!

Always remember that when it comes to social media, consistency is not always the key. Too many posting and people will find you annoying. Some might just unfollow or unfriend you to avoid such spammy posts. We know that sometimes it is hard to not post details that mean so much to you. However, for the sake of your followers and friends online, don’t spam your posts. Isn't it better to leave an element of surprise?