10 Signs You are Ready to Propose

June 27th 2018 / Shuttering Hearts

Although Margaret and Andrew ended up happily married even though she “proposed” to him (without having dated each other and without actually warning him beforehand, poor guy!) in front of a couple of her company’s trustees just to avoid deportation, we do advise that you don’t pull this “Margaret” stunt and take a look at these top 10 signs to determine whether you’re ready first before you propose!

1. You can't imagine life without them

It’s time to start looking at rings if you start imagining life WITH them. When you’ve met and dated the love of your life after some time, you tend to start questioning (or even wondering in awe) as to how unfulfilled your life was before them.

2. You are financially stable

Money may not be able to buy happiness in the broadest sense, but it sure can make a difference! Being financially stable means that you can provide for both you and your significant other. The registration, wedding, and most importantly, living together costs money, so if you (and or even your significant other) can afford to pay for all the expenses, then it shows that you (or both of you) are logistically prepared for a proposal.

3. Your Family ADORES Them

Friends come and go, but family stays with you forever. If you are already at the “thinking-of-settling-down” stage, chances are your family members would’ve already met them. This is a good sign as it signals a blessed marriage. So don’t be jealous if your mum phones your partner for a chat instead of you!

4. When “I” Becomes “We”

“We’d love a corn meal body scrub!”

Changing your pronoun is as momentous as changing your significant other’s surname to include yours. Although you might not be as codependent as Lily and Marshall, but if your friends complain that you and your partner are starting to melt into one big blob (like Ted Mosby did), it shows that you’re ready to act as a unit with them.

5. They Star In Your Adventures

When you dream of stepping into the streets of that city, swimming in the sea of that beach, or climbing up the side of that mountain, your partner will be right by your side sharing those magical experiences with you. Including them in your plans for the future definitely shows that there’s Something (yes, capital letter S) there!

6. You Are Supportive Of Their Dreams

And they yours! Supporting each other’s dreams and ambitions for the future is a really important thing as it is a great morale booster for the both of you.

7. You Have Visualised Your Wedding

You’ve seen everything in your head, from the whole itinerary down to the colour of the flowers. You’ve imagined both of your friends and family there to witness the love between you and your partner. You’ve started calling up the caterers in your head. With these in mind, we can definitely urge you to start thinking about the proposal!

8. You Have Visualised Having Kids

Even if you are not a huge fan of kids, or if you don’t plan on having kids (which is absolutely fine), it’s undeniable that this thought might still float into your head occasionally. When you’ve met The One, you know in your heart that both of you will be great parents!

9. You Have Stuck With Each Other Through Thick And Thin

If you can be with your partner through the good times and the bad… If you can love them through their pros and cons… If you can be together no matter what happens, then it’s a sign that you can propose.

10. You Are Reading This Article

The fact that you’re here on our website reading this article shows that you are genuinely ready to propose to the love of your life!

Proposing can be a nerve-racking experience, but if you know in your heart that the time is right -- JUST. DO. IT.

Good luck!