Wedding Countdown: What to do 7 days before your wedding day

Counting down from months to weeks, and till the final 7 days. Finally, your wedding is happening in just 1 week time! Feeling excited? Nervous? An obvious yes! You’ve been busy preparing for this day for the past few months but what other things should you do when counting down to your big day? Check out more here!

6 Tips on Writing Tear-dropping Wedding Vows

One of the most sweet-stressful things to do for both the bride and groom would be writing the wedding vows. Besides wanting to make it romantic, you want the vows to belong to just you and your loved one. Well, delivering a good wedding vow consists of these 6 tips you can use while preparing your wedding vows, no matter it is a romantic, personal or a modern wedding!

Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes Brides Make (1 month before)

Many brides will start to panic as the days of her wedding are down to the very final month. Do you know what are the biggest wedding planning mistakes that most brides tend to make 1 month before their big day? Check out these common wedding planning mistakes now! 

Wedding Roles & Duties for Parents-of-newlywed

Your child is finally getting married! As the parents of the newlyweds, there are so many wedding roles & duties that you can actually participate in. However, do you know how involved in the wedding should you get? What are the things you’re supposed to do? Do you only get involved when you are asked to? Read on these wedding tips that will get you all prepared!

Solutions for All Ladies: What to wear to a wedding

For ladies, there is never enough right attire to wear to any occasions, let alone weddings. However, weddings are especially important formal events for women as they need to start thinking what to wear during that day. These 5 outfits solutions can ease you ladies out there as you can wear them to almost any wedding!

How to look good in Wedding Group Photos

What’s more important in wedding besides taking photos! Group photos are essential in every single wedding and everyone wants to look good in group pictures. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look good for group photos? If you are camera shy or wanting to look better in a group photo, here are some tips to looking good in pictures no matter weddings or other events!