Budget wedding: How to save money on a wedding

Weddings now cost more than just an arm or a leg. How can young couples who are ready for their next big decisions in life prepare for such luxurious events with high wedding cost? Perhaps with the financial aid of parents, 90s babies can tie the knot in their dream wedding. Well, there are still ways you can spend less money and still get the perfect wedding you desire within your budget.

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Follow our 8 ways on how to save money for a wedding!

1. Off-peak season

Getting married during the off-peak season will definitely cost you less money. What are the hot months in Malaysia? If you are trying to avoid the peak season to get married, then you have to avoid January - March & November - December.

  1. January: As it transitioned from the holidays season of December, the beginning of January is also one of the popular choices among Malaysian couples when deciding on wedding dates.

  2. February: The wedding cost will increase no matter for wedding venues or flowers. February is not only just the month of Valentine’s Day, it is also the time where Chinese celebrates Chinese New Year. Occasionally, Chinese New Year will take place in late January. Hence, January and February are some of the peak seasons Chinese Malaysia couples will consider when finalising wedding dates.

  3. March: It sees an end to the monsoon on the east coast with gorgeous islands such as Tioman, Perhentian & Redang. This is why most beach lovers and sea enthusiasts couples will choose to have their wedding during March.

  4. November & December: These 2 months are not valued price as these are the time where school holidays have started. Towards the end of the year, everyone is in the festive mood where countless holidays plans are made. In December (and on New Year’s Eve), your competition may not be other marrying couples but holiday parties that are looking for the same venues and vendors that weddings do.

2. Greenery > Flowers


Wedding flowers are known to be one of the major factors contributing to expensive wedding cost. Who can resist the charm of flowers? Although wedding flowers are beautiful to look at, they actually can cost a ton of money! If you are environmentally friendly and don’t mind being indifferent than the rest, you can save money on wedding flowers by using more greenery in your wedding.

Consider replacing flowers with artificial flowers which will have similar breathtaking results. You can have these artificial flowers as your table centrepiece of little wedding details. Artificial flowers usually cost much lesser than actual flower and can help save money on wedding details.

3. Vendors


If possible, try to look for wedding venues that don't require you to use their in-house vendors. These vendors usually cost more and are charged by hours.The money saving tip would be finding these wedding vendors yourself as they will charge lesser compared to in-house vendors. While seeking vendors, you can ask if they have collaborated wedding vendors.

The collaboration with either makeup artist, wedding gown or bridal shoes will usually provide you with a cheaper & discounted price. If you know someone or maybe a relative of yours is providing a wedding service that you are looking for, do consider hiring him/her. That way, you are able to save money on your wedding cost and also support him/her.

4. Wedding Music

What’s a celebration without a music? The right songs can put guests and wedding couples in the right mood. However, it is not necessary to hire a DJ for your wedding in order to have good music. The more budget way to save cost on the wedding is to have a good pair of speakers, a mixing deck if you can get access to it and an iPod loaded with some great wedding songs that you would like to put your guest mood on. This is one of the fast and economic ways to save money for your wedding. Or better yet, find friends who are talented and passionate in performing on stage. Have them perform or sing a few songs during your wedding night and show off their talent. 

Check out these Top 10 Wedding Songs in 2017 for a romantic wedding dance or background music for wedding slideshow. 

5. To fake or to skip, that is the question


Wedding cakes are one of the wedding traditions to proceed with after tying the knot. Through cutting the cake session, it somehow symbolises that your wedding event is complete. If you want to strive away from typical wedding cliches and save money on your wedding, you can either fake it or skip it. How to fake a wedding cake you ask? You can discuss with your baker for a fake wedding cake and they should know how to handle the rest. The Faux wedding cake (or called Dummy cake) is actually made from styrofoam cut into the shape of cake tiers and covered with either icing (buttercream or royal) or fondant. Don’t worry about not having a real cake to serve to your guests as you can buy a cutting slab to give to the guests.

For a simpler method, you can just skip the cake serving. If your guests just want a delicious tasting dessert to satisfy their sweet tooth, why not go for an alternative dessert? There are so many other kinds of desserts that cost lesser than the whole cake. For example, you can serve your guests cookies, chocolate, your local dessert, etc. One way you can spend less money on this is if you are able to provide your own desserts by having bridesmaids or friends to help baking them.

6. Ceremony + Reception

Another important tip in having a budget wedding cost is to have both your ceremony and reception done in the same place if possible. By planning two wedding sessions in the same place will save you time and also spend less on the wedding. The transportation fees which initially you will use to fetch your bride from one place to another can be saved and cut down. Other than that, weddings are made convenient for guests who came from outstation or overseas if both wedding ceremony & reception are held in the same venue.

7. Bottomless drinks


What is a wedding dinner party without booze? However, if you are deciding to have bottomless drinks, it is almost guaranteed that you will have to spend a large portion on wedding preparation. Having bottomless drinks means having to pay for as much as your guests drink which is definitely a lot, especially if you have guests that can drink a lot. Alcohol these days aren’t cheap unless you’re getting married or living in countries with cheap alcohol. It is wise to not offer bottomless drinks if you live in countries with expensive alcohol. So never offer bottomless drinks if you want to save money on your wedding. Well, unless you can afford them then why not?

8. Props

Props to weddings are like diamonds to wedding rings. It enhances and adds a sense of personality to weddings. However, the price you spend depending on what kind of props you’re looking for. To save money for wedding preparations, you can have an alternative by making or DIY your own props. There are tons of videos online which you can learn how to do make your own props for any occasion! If you have the time and the talent for art & crafts, why not give it a try?


There are many ways you can actually save money on your wedding. One of the best ways you could possibly save money for your wedding would be preparing and doing them on your own or with the help of your bridesmaids or groomsmen. Remember not to over splurge on tempting wedding details that might cost a crazy amount and you don’t even actually need. Sometimes, spending money on a wedding planner isn’t such a bad idea either if you totally have no ideas how to plan your wedding. Although it might seem like you have to spend some extra cash, trust us, it’s going to be worth it.

8 Last Minute Wedding Checklist

After months & weeks of planning, you are well prepared for your wedding by following this ultimate wedding preparation cheatsheet. However, it is always good to have a backup plan just in case something were to go wrong with your wedding. It is better to be ready if anything were to happen. As the wise sayings, “Hope for the best, Prepare for the worse”. However, there seems to have a lot of things that you can actually be worried about.

Therefore, here is our 8 last minute wedding checklist to ensure you a list of things and details to remember your wedding.

1. Back-ups



Bring along a backup of your vows, speeches, music, etc. Always have a copy of it somewhere that is easily accessible. You can even consider asking someone to keep it for you, best if there is a friend that will constantly be by your side throughout the entire wedding. A good example would be members of wedding squad, either the bridesmaids or the groomsmen.

You can even ask your parents to help you keep the backups if you are afraid that your bridal team might be too occupied and misplace them. Mistakes and errors can happen just in the blink of an eye. If you are cautious enough, you may even want to consider getting a backup of your wedding itinerary if possible.

2. Wedding Gifts for guests


One of our last minute wedding checklist for the brides would be to double check on your wedding gifts. Make sure that your delicately chosen wedding gifts for your respected guests are all ready and well prepared with care before your wedding started. This is one of the small wedding details not to be forgotten by making sure if your gifts are in the proper condition. You would want your gifts looking at its best when it is being given to your dearest guests and relatives.

You can actually ensure that your gifts are in kept safely and in their perfect form would be for you to keep it in a secure location and handled with care. Assign one of the bridesmaids from your bridal team to be in charge of the wedding gifts. This way will totally leave you at ease while someone you trusted is handling your worries for you.

3. Review printed materials



One of the wedding details that you must not forget would be your printed materials. In every wedding, there are definitely going to have some printed materials such as the menu, the seating arrangements, signs, etc. It’s a good idea to check them out one last time before the actual wedding. Make sure that everything is in order and that the words are clearly visible for your guests and relatives to read. Other than that, make sure that the fonts you use are suitable for every age group. You wouldn’t want to use an inappropriate font like Jokerman in your wedding, so try choosing font that make it easy for everyone to read.

After that is done, you would want to check the ink on your printed materials to avoid having the printed materials smeared. Therefore, make sure that everything is a tip-top condition before proceeding with the wedding as this is one of the little wedding details in planning that most brides will usually forget.

4. Reception Gift

Being the spotlight of the wedding, you are bound to receive gifts from your beloved guests and relatives. However, it will be illogical for you to keep it all with you for the entire duration of your wedding. Therefore, confirm with the person in charge of taking care of the presents is one of the last minute wedding checklists that most brides tend to forget. Keeping the presents safe and recorded is usually part of the responsibilities of the groomsmen or bridesmaids. Make sure that the person you left in charge is capable of keeping things safe for the entire duration of the wedding.

If you’re having your wedding in a location where they have rooms available for you, you can even ask for your gifts to be transferred there to ensure their safety and the convenience later on. Remember to keep track of who gave what gift too. You wouldn’t want to thank the wrong person for the wrong gift. Let your guests know that you truly appreciate their thoughts when getting you the gift by sending them a personal thank you note. 

Check out this completely FREE & downloadable Last Minute Wedding Checklist to double-check any forgotten wedding details!

5. Equipments for playing Videography/Montage/Slideshow



It’s sad to say that even with the advancement of technology, technology still fails us when we need them the most sometimes. Therefore, it’s wise to put running through wedding videos that you want to showcase to your guests and relatives on your last minute wedding checklist. You will never know what kind of technical difficulties might occur! Make sure that the visual is clear and can be seen even from the back of your wedding hall to ensure all respected guests are able to witness the lovely moments of you and your groom.

Other than that, make sure that the audio can be heard all the way from the back of the hall. If you yourself find it hard to see or hear the video during the testing session, it’s best to let the person in charge fix it as soon as possible. Once everything is fixed, remember to have one last run through before the wedding begins.

6. Emergency Kit


An emergency kit is one of the important checklists you need to remember on your wedding day. In this case, the emergency kit holds all essential things that you feel you might need as a bride. In case something goes wrong like a small tear in your clothing, smeared makeup or even a small cut, you will be well prepared. Make sure that your emergency kit is somewhere accessible to you or to someone who you know will be following you. (It is one of the bridesmaid's duty!) Since we can’t predict the future, having an emergency kit is a must.

Worry that you might need to fit a lot of things inside your emergency kit?

One of the ways to keep only the important stuff is to only include things that you can’t afford being ruined on your big day. For example, smeared makeup. You wouldn’t want to be walking around your wedding with your makeup unfixed after an emotional speech and can't-do anything about it, would you? Therefore, you would want to bring along your basic makeup tools together with you. You don’t necessarily have to use it, but it’s always better to be prepared instead of regretting it

7. Transportation


As the bride and star of the night, you will be the first one to reach the wedding and the last to leave. Hence, transportation may be a critical issue which is why you will have to confirm the arrangements while planning your wedding. If you already have someone who will be driving you and your bridal team to and fro, make sure that he/she is going to be punctual. Make sure that your driver is aware of the time the wedding starts and what time it ends.

However, if you are afraid of being late, you can then consider staying in a hotel nearby your wedding location. Although this might be costly as you will have to book not only a room for yourself but rooms for the bridesmaids' squad too, staying in a hotel allows you to avoid all the crazy and hectic jam. However, if you insist on getting a driver, then all you have to do is make sure that your driver doesn’t be late. 

8. Honeymoon

Lastly, if you and your partner are both planning to go on your honeymoon not too long after your wedding, make sure that your honeymoon plans are all according to the plan. Double check on the flight tickets, the place you guys will be staying, transportation, etc. Remember to pack everything beforehand too so that you guys won’t need to be so much of a rush. If you are going for a destination wedding, you would want to be even more prepared! By the time you get back from your wedding, you won’t even have much time to pack your clothes and the things you want to bring together with you on your honeymoon.

Our advice? Prepare everything by making a honeymoon travel checklist and print it out before you even go out for your wedding. That way, by the time you get back from your wedding, there won’t be a problem with you rushing to pack. However, this only applies if you are planning on going for your honeymoon as soon as you guys are done with your wedding. If not, then you will still have time to unpack and take your time to pack for your honeymoon.


Forgetting crucial wedding details are scary to think about it when planning. You never know what will happen next as we can’t predict the future to see what might just go wrong in your wedding. The only thing you can do is to have a last minute wedding checklist and to avoid forgetting anything important before your big day arrives.

Find your Wedding Style

There are plenty of wedding themes and colours but how do you find your wedding style? Every couple loves a unique and personal wedding theme that will be remembered throughout generations to come. However, everyone has their own personal perspective on whichever wedding themes they like most.



Worry not if you are indecisive either which one of them should you choose best for your wedding. Perhaps after seeing our 5 hottest wedding styles in Malaysia, you will have a rough idea on the type of wedding you desire.

1. Pastel


Many couples love the pastel theme due to its soft approach. Pastel colours set the lively and dreamy mood alongside with delicate coloured clothing and decorations. Pastel weddings are made famous because of its soft effect on its eyes which will make everyone instantly fall in love upon looking at it. The more common pastels are baby blue and blush pink to represent both the groom and bride. If you are daring and creative, opt to go for a bolder colours like the pastel mint or maybe even lavender rose. Every colour offers a whole different feeling to your wedding according to what ambience you hope to have during your big day!

2. Vintage


Vintage wedding themes are the majority of couple’s favorite. Couples love vintage-inspired wedding because of its elegant colours and unique design. What’s even more eye-catching from the wedding is the decorations which are very rare and hard to find. The decors can vary from something as small and simple like a grandfather's clock or leather luggage to something bigger like a wooden arch wedding backdrop made of tree branches and tweaks. Couples who wish to have vintage wedding decorations that remind them of the graceful ancient period of that certain time will definitely love this wedding style!

3. Fairytale


The once-upon-a-time fairy tale theme recently got hotter into the wedding trend because of Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan’s fairy tale themed wedding. You can’t deny that it is every girl’s dream to be a princess on her wedding day and this particular theme will satisfy her desire to be the princess she always wanted to be. It is a common misconception for people to think that it is hard to produce good fairytale weddings in Malaysia. You may start by finding the long lace ivory bridal dress with grandeur candle-lit decors. The easier and less hassle way is to find the right wedding planner and before you know it, you’re exchanging vows with your loved one in the fairytale wedding theme you never thought you could achieve.

4. Bohemian


Bohemian wedding themes are for those who prefer natural wedding settings in the outdoor. Bohemian weddings offer a spectacular scenery and will definitely amaze everyone with their beautiful decor either for the reception or as a bohemian table center piece. Bohemian weddings offer an interesting mix of natural, rustic, and vintage feel to their designs. They are indeed unique and very mesmerising in comparison with the usual wedding that held in the hotels. If you’re the type who loves nature, you will definitely enjoy a wedding theme like the Bohemian itself.

5. Classical


Planning to focus more on the simpler and majestic ambience, then Classical Wedding will be the best option for you. Since Malaysia is a multiracial country, it has countless of historical places with a very high culture that you may consider to be your wedding venue. Classical Wedding is famous for its elegance and timeless look. That's why it is no doubt that the classical wedding theme would be on our list! There are still many couples who love the touch of traditionality and simplicity. In today's time, the majority of the bride and groom fused the classic wedding with a hint of modern contemporary to lighten up the wedding style using unique yet memorable designs.


These are the hottest wedding style that we find it best to accommodate brides with various love for fun and tradition. Perhaps if you are the type that likes to get hands on your wedding to make it more personal, why not consider doing a DIY wedding utilising various trending wedding props? This is also one of the ways to ensure your wedding in being more exclusive and the wedding will turn out looking more you. 

How to overcome these 5 Common Wedding Fears

Are you the type that will get nervous and excited before a long awaited vacation or short getaway? If so, it is more likely that you are also the type that will be anxious before your wedding day. Overcoming wedding anxiety is almost a thing that all newlyweds will have to be prepared about before their big day.



It is understandable that both the bride and groom want to look and feel perfect on their wedding day. (We are talking about common wedding fears like “what if it rains or bad wedding photo” instead of the pre wedding jitters here!)

Lucky for you, we will be sharing these top 5 common wedding fears and ways for you to overcome them!

1. Bad Weather



Bad weather is every bride & groom’s worse nightmare, especially the heavy and unending rain. It is somehow unavoidable since we are in Malaysia, a nation that is hot and humid year round, interspersed with tropical rain. You may try to avoid this natural occasion by planning your wedding during the months where there is less rain or just avoid the monsoon raining season. 

According to Wonderful Malaysia, Malaysia faces two monsoon seasons: Southwest Monsoon (late May to September) and Northeast Monsoon (October to March).

Another way you can avoid having this problem is to have an indoor wedding. Although outdoor wedding such as Breezy Beach or Rustic Garden wedding tends to be more interesting than an indoor wedding, it sure is a rain-free guarantee. Light drizzles are sometimes beneficial to the wedding photo shoot to give it an extra feel compared to a normal wedding shoot.

However, make sure to look out for storms!

2. Bad photos


Weddings are one of those special occasions that you would want to remember for life. What if your wedding photographer failed to take pictures to your liking? That’s why it is very important to get to know your wedding photographer beforehand. Understand his/her work, what kind of pictures does he/her produce and so on before deciding your wedding photographer.

Bear in mind that every wedding photographer specializes different styles. So it is crucial for the bride and groom to love and adore the work of the photographer. More importantly is to connect with the wedding photographer. Better communication with mutual understanding will guarantee a more desirable outcome.

One way to reduce the risk of picking the wrong wedding photographer is to meet up with him/her in person before your wedding so that both parties understand what each other wants and ensure a smooth flow during the wedding day.

3. Can't please everyone


Although you would want everyone to enjoy themselves during your wedding, it’s merely impossible to try and please every guest in your wedding. Everyone has different taste and liking of different matters. We know it is one of the common wedding anxieties to be afraid of someone bad mouthing or disliking your wedding details. Accept the fact that you won't be able to please everyone and it is YOUR wedding, anyhow.

Don’t get us wrong.

We are not saying that you shouldn’t care about your guests. Just do your best to make sure all guests are having a good time at your wedding and feel as comfortable as possible. You can plan things that you know everyone will enjoy in order to reduce the risk of conflict. Instead of figuring how to please everyone, focus more on enjoying yourself during your wedding day. Don’t let others strip away the happiness and fun you deserve from you.

4. Falling Sick


Falling sick sucks, what more during your wedding day?

Many brides fear falling sick during their wedding day and to have a hard time to enjoy their big moments. The easiest way to beat this is to make sure you are on a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet before counting down to your wedding day. Prevention is better than cure. So, before your wedding, make sure you’re eating right, exercising daily, drinking enough water, and most importantly, having enough sleep.

Try to avoid overloading yourself with too many wedding preparations tasks while maintaining your daily chores. Get your family or bridesmaids/groomsmen to help. It is one of the responsibilities of bridesmaids to help lift the burden off the bride’s shoulders.

However, if you really do fall sick, quickly seek medication as soon as possible. The faster you work on getting healed, the faster you will actually get healed. Another way would be just to rest more as resting allows your body to quickly heal itself.

5. Bad Hairdo or Makeup


As all eyes will be on the lovely bride, you would want to look your very best for everyone to see. No matter how well prepared you are, the thought of having a bad hair day or smeared makeup will definitely haunt your thoughts.

A way to counter this?

Talk to your makeup artist so that they will understand your worries and put extra thoughts in securing your perfect look, even until the end of the day. Learn to put your trust in your makeup artist and hair stylist. After all, they are professionals for a reason. If they can’t help you, no one else can.

So, trust them in making you the best-looking bride you can possibly be during your wedding day.


These are just the top 5 common wedding fears and the ways to overcome them. However, it is best not to stress about wedding anxiety so much. With the proper planning and time management, everything will turn out just the way you want. With all these planning, you shouldn’t forget about yourself.

Hey, preparing a wedding is crucial but being the best of yourself is even more important!

Take some times to relax your mind. Get a drink, watch some television, hang out with your group of friends, basically anything you can do to keep your mind off the wedding for the time being.

Wedding Etiquette: The Dos & Don'ts

Planning a wedding is not as simple and easy as it seems. There are more than just keep things under budgets, deciding wedding theme & colour or getting the perfect wedding dress. In the working field we have professional working etiquette and unspoken rules to follow, so are weddings. Weddings are one of the big celebrations that are supposed to be gracious and joyful.

Here are some helpful wedding etiquette tips, especially for brides and grooms, to consider if you want to have a peaceful and comfortable wedding for everyone, including the guests.

DO: Inform your family & closest friends first


Always remember to share your big news with your inner circle first before going around posting on social media networks about your big day. Some relatives, especially the elderly, might find it disrespectful and rude if they aren’t one of the first few people to know about it. So, it is almost your top priority to inform your parents and parents-in-law first. After all, it’s only common social etiquette to tell your closest and most intimate family members before announcing to the public.

You can then start spreading your good news to friends outside your inner circle once you’re done telling your relatives and close friends. Sending wedding invitation is also one of the crucial wedding planning etiquettes to take note of. If you are able to, try giving out wedding invitations personally. However, if you aren’t able to send the invitation by yourself, make sure you let that particular person know the reason why you aren’t able to do so.

DON’T: Keep the guests waiting


There’s no “fashionably late” as being late is one of the top socially unwritten rules that everyone should be aware of. Remember that no one likes waiting so don’t make your guests wait too long for the wedding ceremony and dinner reception. One of the biggest problems about weddings is the waiting time. Nobody likes to be there early or on time but having to wait hours before moving on to the next part of the wedding.


However, if you do really have to wait for all guests, make sure that the refreshments are constantly replenished. Some brides and grooms try to keep things interesting while waiting for the other guests by organising a cocktail party before starting the wedding reception dinner.

Other couples can perhaps try to entertain your waiting guests by having something for them to do, either hire a live band playing or get a photo booth for the guests to leave lovely memories. Majority of the guests won’t mind waiting as long as they have someone to talk to or they have things to do. Therefore, if you have the time, why not go around and mingle around with your guests? You will be surprised how many of your guests will be delighted to have you talked to them!

DO: Seat guests who share common interests


The arrangement of guests list in seating during weddings are one of the most important weddings planning etiquette. During some weddings, brides and grooms tend to separate the singles and married guests while sorting seatings. The tips in arrange guests seatings are by sorting them based on their common interests or mutual connections instead of their marital status. That way, your guests will be able to mingle with people more comfortable at their table.

Of course, you can’t please everyone in the guest seatings. Try your best to arrange your guests and relatives in tables where you feel they will fit in. Make arrangements with your receptionist to try to move people to seats they want if they were to make the request. If you are daring and bold enough, perhaps you can put free-sitting into consideration.

However, this is one of the risky ways in sorting guests seatings. Although this might work for some and not for others, you can ensure that most of your beloved guests will be seated in a place where they want to be, given if they reach early or on time.

DON’T: Make the guests pay


One of the constantly asked questions in wedding etiquettes is who pays for what. As the host, it is common that your guests are not supposed to pay anything except for their blessed wedding gifts for the bride & groom. Either having a photo booth station or refreshments served, the guests are supposed to enjoy themselves without needing to pay for anything extra or additional.

If having all these entertainments might cost you, there are many other ways you can actually save money from this. One of the budget wedding tips would be to bring your own alcohol. Of course, make sure that your venue is cool with that before bringing in your own alcohol.

DO: Remember your wedding vendors


Lastly, many couples tend to forget about their wedding vendors. Don’t forget to feed your wedding vendors as they keep your guests fed with a full belly or entertained the entire day and night. This includes your wedding planner/coordinator, photographer, cinematographer, and DJ/band, with their assistants. As part of the wedding etiquette rules, the bride and groom should try to include the vendors’ meals into the wedding budget to ensure they have the energy to continue for the rest of the wedding ceremony and dinner reception.

Although it is not a necessity to offer your vendors food, it is a common courtesy. Other than that, remember to pay your vendors! Some vendors require you to pay on the spot where some require you to pay after your wedding is over. Either way, it’s best not to make them wait for your payment.


Wedding etiquette is a necessity in every wedding as it is more of common manners. Without it, the wedding won’t be as successful as it is. Depending on the background of how societies are raised, there will be different levels of wedding etiquette coming from individuals.

There are some factors that affect wedding etiquette when it comes to the wedding venue, tradition, and the guests who are attending the wedding. Since everyone is different, their interpretation of wedding etiquette rules is different too. The most important thing is to keep the guests entertained and make sure everyone is having a good time during your lovely wedding.