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As a Professional Malaysia Wedding Photographer Team, we specialize in artistic and timeless documentary wedding photography which aim to record our your sublime moments. Our aim is to document the emotional bond between you and the people you love into something tangible that you can preserve and grin when you look back for decades.


Wedding Tips

Solutions for All Ladies: What to wear to a wedding

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How to look good in Wedding Group Photos

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Worst pieces of wedding planning advice you should avoid

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Wedding Cheatsheets

Ultimate Cheatsheet:

  1. Wedding Preparation

Pre-Wedding Cheatsheets:

  1. Pre-Wedding Photoshooting
  2. Bridal Gown
  3. Groom's Suit
  4. Wedding Planner

Bridesmaids/ Groomsmen Cheatsheets:

  1. Groomsmen
  2. Bridesmaids

Wedding Day Cheatsheet

  1. Photography
  2. Last Minute Wedding Details